Integrity, Intelligence, Initiative

The nearly 400 employees and more than 100 volunteers of the Lakewood Police Department are committed to providing the highest possible level of police service to our community. The mission of the LPD is "to serve and protect with integrity, intelligence and initiative."

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The Chief of Police position presents a rewarding professional challenge and opportunity. The City of Lakewood is looking for a proven leader who can join the award-winning staff and promote high expectations while fostering pride in quality policing.

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In 1969, an unincorporated area of Jefferson County officially became the City of Lakewood - the fourth-largest city in Colorado. The Lakewood Department of Public Safety became operational on May 3, 1970, and in 1987, its name was changed to the Lakewood Police Department.

The new department predictably experienced growing pains but continued solid development under the leadership of seven police administrations. As of this writing in June 2020, the eighth and current chief, Daniel McCasky, with a command staff of two division chiefs, Anita Koester and Ed Loar, they lead a department of more than 400 employees and 100-plus volunteers. The department has relocated several times through the decades. In 1984, it moved to its permanent site at 445 S. Allison Pkwy.

Since 1970, the motto: Integrity, Intelligence, Initiative has defined the way the department does business. The goal of every employee is to serve the citizens of Lakewood with the highest level of commitment. In 1986, the Lakewood Police Department was the second agency in Colorado - and the 24th in the nation - to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. To maintain this accreditation, the department is required to meet more than 479 nationally recognized law enforcement standards every four years with an onsite assessment being conducted annually.

An extensive department history is detailed in a recently published book celebrating its 40th anniversary, "A Celebration of Excellence, The Lakewood Police Department, 1970-2010."

  • Order a copy of "A Celebration of Excellence, The Lakewood Police Department, 1970-2010", ($10).
  • Copies of the book are available for checkout at the Belmar location of the Jefferson County library system. The Standley Lake Library has a reference-only copy.

2021 LPD Annual Report(PDF, 4MB)

Annual Police Awards Ceremony

See the incredible work done in our community by Lakewood Police. The 2020 Annual Police Awards Ceremony was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. However, multiple awards were presented individually through the chain of command. Take a moment to recognize the outstanding efforts of Lakewood Police employees in the following summary of their actions.

2020 Lakewood Police Awards(PDF, 150KB)

Thank you for your interest in the Lakewood Police Department. With the support of our more than 400 very dedicated employees, we continue to make this a safe city for residents and visitors. We do this by focusing on policing strategies that include regionalization, technology utilization, data-driven decision-making, and partnerships.

The Police Department has built on its regionalization efforts to include the consolidation of the SWAT team with Wheat Ridge, a county wide crime lab, a regional training academy and soon a county wide communications center.  Regionalization provides the department with cost savings and enhanced services. More collaboration is already in the works.

The Lakewood Police Department is positioned to take advantage of new crime-fighting strategies and technologies. These include an expanded crime analysis and data-sharing role, the use of video cameras, and the use of evidence-based, data-driven deployment strategies. The ultimate goal is to reduce crime and quality of life concerns by focusing resources and strategies where they are most effective and needed.

Effective policing is done in partnership with the community. Lakewood is a leader in community policing, with its nationally recognized Crime Free Housing program, participation in local business and neighborhood associations, robust National Night Out program, and the hosting of two citizen police academies and one youth police academy annually. These are just a few of the community partnerships that make our crime-fighting efforts stronger.

Lakewood is changing to meet the needs of its residents, and in so doing, it is becoming an attractive destination for visitors, businesses, and homeowners. Improvements include the recent opening of the city’s first hospital and expanding medical campus; the light rail line; and the further expansion of Belmar, Denver West, The Colorado Mills, and Solterra. These improvements are only possible if people are and feel safe. The police will continue to support and help sustain the vision of a peaceful community by providing smart, friendly, and effective crime-fighting services in partnership with our residents. 


Daniel McCasky