Youth Police Programs

School Resource Officer talking with a student.

The Lakewood Police Department has a strong commitment to the youth in our community. Our goal is to provide children a safe city in which to learn and grow, and we accomplish this through the Youth Police Academy and the Police Explorer Program. We also have a law specifically aimed at youth nighttime loitering which is designed to protect teens in our community. 

Youth Police Academy

Discover the Blue Youth Police Academy is a fun, fascinating opportunity for teens ages 16-18 to get an introduction to police skills, team building (including hiking, water sports, archery), and build relationships with their School Resource Officers. 

Please stay tuned for information about the 2023 program.

More information about the program


Police Explorers

The Police Explorer Program (Post #226) is a coordinated program between the Police Department and the Boy Scouts of America. The program encourages youth and young adults (ages 14-21) to develop an interest in law enforcement by experiencing police operations. Police agents serve as advisors to the program providing explorers with classroom and practical training.

In the classroom, explorers learn about policing including the following aspects:

  • Officer safety skills.
  • Community policing.
  • Investigative techniques.
  • Physical fitness requirements.

In the field as volunteers explorers can participate in the following activities:

  • Help with community events.
  • Assist with tours of the department.
  • Assist with traffic control and other varied assignments.
  • Explorers can participate in the Ride-Along Program.
  • Explorers also enter law enforcement competitions in which participants are evaluated on officer safety skills, judgment, planning and teamwork. Explorer Post #226 has participated in local and national competitions, and it has won a variety of awards for performance and teamwork. Interested persons are asked to submit an application.  

Contact Information:

Police Explorer Program
Public Safety Center
445 S. Allison Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80226