Information Technology

Drawing of a tech forward city

In support of our vision - Digital Innovation through Collaboration – the Information Technology team partners with the city’s departments to identify operational gaps and deliver technical solutions that will help the city and community thrive. Additionally, we are chartered to protect the city’s data and systems through education and security infrastructure management, as well as focused on providing exceptional technical support and managing and evolving the city’s technology and radio communications infrastructure. Our team is organized into two divisions - Business Transformation and IT Operations - and an Information Security Office, with skill sets to ensure that technology-focused initiatives, data, and systems are supported throughout their respective lifecycles.

Spring Clean your digital life with a few steps

A squeaky, clean digital life can make it harder to find your personal information and less vulnerable.

Password cleanse:

chances are you are using the same password for multiple accounts. Using a password manager is a great way to toss out unsecured passwords and replace them with fresh, strong, unique passwords. Review Consumer Reports, Tom’s Guide, or CNET to find the right password manager for your personal use.,review-3785.html

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

set up MFA on accounts with sensitive information, including bank accounts, credit card accounts, social media, and personal email accounts.

Device maintenance:

thoroughly clean up your device by deleting unused apps to ensure data is not shared with apps you no longer use. You can run software updates to protect your device.

Privacy and Security refresh:

view or change your privacy and security settings so only relevant access is given for the service provided. You can visit Manage Your Privacy Settings for more information.

Make it a habit of decluttering your digital life at least once a year.