Crime Prevention


The Lakewood Police Department's crime prevention programs are designed to engage citizens and provide quality education through classes and information. The department offers many different types of crime prevention programs, all aimed at reducing crime.

Amber Alert 

In April 2002, Colorado Governor Bill Owens signed into law the Colorado AMBER ALERT Program, House Bill 1083. The bill defined an abducted child and allows local law enforcement agencies to use the Emergency Alert System (EAS) in Colorado for broadcasting specific information to the public. 

Crime Free Multi-housing

The Lakewood Police Department's Community Action Team has implemented the Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program. Its goal is to train apartment owners, managers and residents about what they can do now to solve the problem of illegal and nuisance activity on the property.

Applying to the program

Online Application

Property managers can apply to the program using the form provided. Properties that were enrolled in the program prior to June 20, 2022, need to reapply as the program has changed. All applications are vetted and approved by the Lakewood Police Department. After the application is received, you will be contacted by a Police Department representative who will discuss the program and follow-up requirements with you. 

When criminals are allowed to operate from rental property, the complex and surrounding neighborhoods are greatly affected. Because the landlord depends upon the tenant for his livelihood, the tenant is placed in a strong position. By refusing to rent from landlords who close their eyes to illegal activity, the tenant sends a clear message that he will look further for a responsible landlord. Uncaring, irresponsible landlords will see their occupancy rates and profits decline.

Crime might not be entirely eliminated, but managers have found that tenants, their guests and others will not be tolerant of criminal behavior. As part of a designated crime-free property, property managers are required to complete background checks on potential tenants and use a crime-free lease addendum. A list of fully certified properties is available. 

What does this mean to residents?

  • A safer living environment is assured through a concentrated effort to reduce crime in each complex.
  • Management has implemented steps, such as background checks and a crime-free lease addendum, to ensure new residents meet stringent criteria. Criminals are not moving in.

How can residents help?

  • Report crimes and suspicious activity. The Police Department cannot help if it is unaware of problems.
  • Attempt to work with your neighbors regarding noise and common-area issues. If this cannot be accomplished, notify police for mediation assistance or enforcement.

Community Crime Map

Additional Crime Statistics Information

Lakewood Police Records 

Crime Free Multi-Housing Class

Register for the Crime Free Multi-Housing Class, Aug. 30. 

Crime Stoppers

The mission statement of Metro Denver Crime Stoppers is to increase the safety of the Metro Denver community by assisting Law Enforcement Agencies in identifying and arresting criminal suspects through anonymous tips. In addition, the Crime Stoppers program provides community education outreach related to crime prevention.

If you have information about a crime call 720-913-7867, or text crimes to 274637 

You may also provide tips online at metrodenvercrimestoppers/tip

Anonymous Means Anonymous

When a crime or tip is reported by Crime Stoppers, it is logged with the date, time, and a brief summary of the tipster’s information. Tipsters are furnished with a secret code number which is used in subsequent transactions.

Tipsters may remain anonymous, with no pressure to reveal their identity, and still collect their rewards.

If a tipster’s information results in the arrest and the filing of criminal charges against a felony crime offender or the apprehension of a felony fugitive, contact will be made with the tipster and arrangements made so that they can receive their reward in Cash and preserve their anonymity.

ID Theft Proactive Measures

  1. Shred any documentation with your personal information. The Lakewood Police Department hosts annual shred day, please check the city website for any upcoming events.
  2. Protect your social security number. Don't give your number to people or businesses you don't know.
  3. Guard your mail from theft. Promptly remove the incoming mail from your mailbox. Place outgoing mail in post office collection boxes.
  4. Keep your Personal information in a secure place and don't carry your social security card with you.
  5. Never CLICK on links received in unsolicited email. Use fire-walls, anti-spyware and anti-virus software to protect your computer.

Personal Safety is of paramount importance. One highly discussed topic is sexual assault. Taking steps to minimize your risk of becoming victimized can pay off in many ways. 

Contact Information:
Crimes Against Property

Call To Report a Homeless Camp On Public Property

Contact Information:
Community Action Team

Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch is a group of residents who take an active role in working with law enforcement to reduce crime in their community. Neighborhood Watch groups are asked to be alert, observant, caring and willing to immediately report suspicious activity or crimes to the police.

Neighborhood Watch is NOT:

  •  A citizen vigilante group.
  •  A guarantee that crime will not occur in your neighborhood.
  •  A program that encourages personal risks to deter crime.

How can my neighbors and I form a Neighborhood Watch Program?

  • Obtain Neighborhood Watch Program information from the Program Coordinator.
  • Establish a group of interested neighbors.
  • Contact the program coordinator to discuss how to organize and manage your group.


Contact Information:
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator


It takes 15 seconds or less to for an experienced burglar to commit a crime. Find out how the Lakewood Police Department's W.A.R.N. Program is helping protect area businesses. Join other businesses that are working in partnership with the Lakewood Police Department to fight crime.

WARN is a business crime prevention program offered by the Lakewood Police Department. The newsletter is produced periodically, and may include immediate crime alerts. The newsletter will include current crime trends, crime prevention tips, and other vital information as it relates to personal safety and risk management. Our goal is to engage the business community in Lakewood and the metro area in making our communities safer and more productive.  

Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter theft is skyrocketing nationwide, especially within the Denver Metro area! The cost to replace/repair the damage caused by these thefts ranges anywhere from $500.00 to upwards of $4,000 depending on the vehicle and amount of damage. Catalytic converters are removed and then sold to recyclers because they contain valuable precious metals rhodium, palladium, and platinum. But these elements transform pollutants from the car’s engine into harmless carbon dioxide and water which can reduce emissions.Catalytic converter theft can occur in under three minutes with the right tools and experience.

Tips to prevent becoming a victim

1. Park inside a secure garage whenever possible to minimize accessibility to vehicle.

2. Park in well-lit areas and/or in close proximity to security cameras, making thieves fear being caught.

3. Invest in a catalytic converter anti‐theft device that makes accessibility difficult, if not impossible.

4. Etch VIN into device and/or spray paint with high temperature bright paint, making device identifiable.

5. Photograph the catalytic converter if you alter the appearance to assist law enforcement with identification if device is sold to a recycler.

Criminals select vehicles based on ease of access/escape, likelihood of remaining undetected, ease of removal and the ability to sell the device. Utilizing one or more of the above suggestions will decrease the likelihood of you becoming a victim of catalytic converter theft.

Download this information as a flyer(PDF, 262KB)

Lakewood Police Vacation Check Program

The Lakewood Police Department offers vacation security checks for residents. Members of the Volunteer Support Team (VST) will conduct periodic checks of the exterior of your home while you are away. 

  • What is a Vacation Check? VST members will check your residence on a random basis by walking around the exterior to ensure the house is secure and there are no signs of forced entry.  They will look for signs of tampering or attempted entry, and for things that seem out of the ordinary. VST members will log the date/time of the Vacation Check on their activity log. VST members will not enter locked gates or yards with pets/animals. VST personnel will not enter any house or buildings on a residential property during Vacation Security Checks.
  • What happens if something is wrong during your absence? If the VST personnel make observations of circumstances that seem out of place, the person listed as your emergency contact will be notified by phone.If there are signs of new damage, forced or unauthorized persons on the premises, Lakewood Police Agents will be dispatched to conduct a more thorough security check of the residence.The person(s) listed as your emergency contact will be notified immediately by phone and you will likely be contacted afterwards.
  • Vacation Checks are not a guarantee of the security of your residence.  They are conducted as a courtesy to provide you some peace of mind during your absence. The presence of police personnel can be a deterrent to crime and contribute to the safety of the neighborhood. It is recommended that trusted neighbors be notified of your absence and that your emergency contact make periodic checks of the residence.
    • Vacation Checks will not be conducted at vacant houses or houses up for sale. 
    • Vacation Checks will be conducted for a maximum of one month. Requests for longer duration may be arranged on a case-by-case basis. 

You may complete the Vacation Check Request Form online or download the form and return in person to the Lakewood Police Department, 445 S. Allison Pkwy at least five days before departure.  Please be thorough when completing the form to prevent delays. 

Vacation Check Form

Download the Vacation Check Form(PDF, 214KB) 

Contact Information:
Lakewood Police Vacation Check Coordinator