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The Lakewood Police Department has many programs to serve our citizens, including our Property Services, Fingerprinting, Colorado Life Track, a Pawnshop Program and many others.

Alarm Response

For many years, the Lakewood Police Department averaged more than 6,000 intrusion alarms per year, accounting for nearly ten percent of the total annual citizen-generated calls for service. Of those calls, nearly 98 percent were consistently FALSE ALARMS. Each alarm required the response of at least two officers, who were then unavailable for other more serious public safety calls.

Alarm Response Policy
The Lakewood Police Department handles intrusion alarms efficiently.

Police continue to immediately respond to robbery, panic and medical alarms, but the department has adopted a "verified alarm response" policy for handling other alarms. Some form of verification is required before officers are dispatched. The alarm company can choose to verify an alarm's validity, or police officers will respond if factors lead them to believe that the alarm is valid.

This policy places the responsibility for alarm verification with the companies that market, sell, install and service those alarm systems, and it allows police officers and supervisors to use discretion, common sense and experience to evaluate the need to respond on a case-by-case basis.

Lakewood's verified alarm response policy mirrors similar successful programs implemented across the country. In nearly all cases, the false alarm rate has dropped dramatically, with no increase in burglary incidents.

Police agencies struggle to meet legitimate public safety demands with limited resources. The Lakewood Police Department has taken a proactive approach to prioritizing calls for service, helping to ensure the safety of the community while providing the highest level of service possible. 

Colorado Life Trak

The Lakewood Police Department has partnered with other law enforcement jurisdictions throughout the state, offering an aggressive and proven program to help save the lives of those prone to wandering. Individuals who could benefit include those diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Autism, brain injuries, or other brain disorders. 

Through these partnerships, specially trained teams use electronic monitoring technology to help locate and return lost or wandering adults and children to their families and caregivers.

The Colorado Life Trak program is available in Lakewood to individuals caring for a family member in their private home.

How Does the Program Work?

  • A family member or caregiver contacts the Police Department to enroll the client.
  • The client wears a wristband that emits a tracking signal 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The bracelet can be worn when bathing or showering, so it doesn't have to be removed.
  • The caregiver is required to test the bracelet daily and log the results.
  • Caregivers notify the Police Department immediately if the participant wanders.
  • Once a client is reported missing, our dispatch center will activate a search-and-rescue team trained to use the mobile-locator's tracking system.

What Does Colorado Life Trak Offer?

  • A reliable radio technology that provides tracking through a wristband worn by the participant.
  • Rapid response by trained rescue teams with tracking equipment when the participant wanders.
  • Reduced search times.

What does Colorado Life Trak Offer to The Community?

  • Colorado Life Trak can save lives.
  • Reduces the need for extensive and costly search-and-rescue operations.
  • Recovery times are greatly reduced.
  • Helps bring peace of mind to caregivers and family.

Enrollment Procedure
To enroll a family member in Colorado Life Trak, Lakewood residents should call 303-987-7105 to schedule an appointment.

  1. The caregiver will be provided instructions on testing the transmitter daily and logging results.
  2. The caregiver will bring the participant to the Lakewood Police Department every 60 days for a battery change, and a fresh band.
  3. All equipment remains the property of the Lakewood Police Department, and must be returned if the client moves or for some reason is no longer enrolled.
  4. The caregiver enrolling the client must be the legal caregiver, with full power and authority to act on the client's behalf.

Contact Information:
Volunteer Coordinator
303 987-7105 

Fingerprinting Services 

The Lakewood Police Department no longer provides courtesy fingerprint services to the public.

Anyone that is required to obtain a fingerprint clearance for Employment, Daycare, Medical, Department of Education, Brokers, Adoption, Legal Name Change, etc. to name a few examples, must contact one of two CBI-approved vendors in Colorado to have their fingerprints taken electronically.  Please contact one of the two vendors below to set up an appointment:

The Lakewood Police Department will continue to fingerprint in the situations below:

  • Court-ordered prints and Interstate Compact Treatments: by appointment only at 303-987-7310.
  • Sex offender registrations: by appointment only at 303-987-7576.
  • Fingerprints for City licenses - Liquor, Marijuana, Pawnbroker, Massage, Adult Business, Escort: by appointment only at 303-987-7310.  Out-of-state applicants must contact City Clerks’ Office for paperwork.  

Pawnshop Program 

For Citizens
If you believe that a stolen item has been pawned at a Lakewood pawnshop, contact the Pawn Shop Technician at 303-987-7269

  • Following a criminal investigation, the pawn technician will work with you to ensure that your property is returned.
  • The technician will require proof of ownership, such as a receipt, photograph, serial number or unique identifying information that you can describe.
  • You must also have a police report from the agency where the crime occurred. Meaning, if the initial crime (theft, burglary, car break-in, etc.) occurred in another city - even though the item may have been pawned in Lakewood - you must have a police report from that original jurisdiction. If the initial crime occurred in Lakewood, you should call our police non-emergency number to make the report:  303-987-7111 (press 6 to make a theft report).
  • To proceed, the pawn technician must have the case number.

After an item has been pawned, the shop is required to hold the item in its back storage area for 30 days. The pawnshop will not allow you in that back area to look for an item that you suspect may have been pawned.

Requirements to Pawn in Lakewood

  • You must be at least 21 years old to pawn an item.
  • You must have valid ID.
  • You must declare ownership of the item on the pawn slip, and you must be truthful on the declaration.
  • Providing false information on the declaration of ownership is a felony crime, and you will be prosecuted.
  • You will be expected to provide a fingerprint and have your photograph taken. This is a requirement under the ordinance.

For Pawnshop Owners and Employees
The Lakewood City Clerk’s Office will provide detailed information on licensing fees and requirements.

Manager Background
A pawnshop must notify the Lakewood City Clerk’s Office within 30 days when a new store manager is hired. A background check of the new employee will be completed by the Lakewood Police Department.

Annual License Renewal
Each year, pawnshops must renew their business licenses through the Lakewood City Clerk’s Office. A review will be conducted by the Police Department’s Pawn Unit to ensure the pawnshops are in compliance with City ordinances and state law. 

To ensure that employees understand the expectations of the Police Department, and to reduce the possibility of violations, the Pawn Unit will conduct training for new employees. Refresher training is available upon request.


  • The Pawn Unit will conduct monthly inspections of each pawnshop.
  • Pawn tickets will be inspected for accuracy and completeness.
  • Failure to comply with the City ordinance and state law could result in a violation, which could prompt a warning letter to the store and regional manager, and in more serious cases, a summons issued to a store employee or manager. Repeated violations during a license year could result in license suspension.


  • Pawnshop owners should not accept any item that they believe is stolen.
  • If an item is accepted for purchase or pawn, the employee must ensure the declaration is filled out completely by the pawnor. This includes a declaration of ownership, a signature and a fingerprint. All information must be clear and legible.
  • The pawnshop also must get a photograph of the pawnor.
  • Pawnors must have proper identification.

For questions related to the City ordinance, or state law, contact the Pawn Shop Technician at 303 987-7269.

Seizure of Property Identified as Stolen
Items identified as stolen will be placed on hold for up to 90 days. While we understand this may cause inconvenience to pawnshops, returning stolen property to their rightful owners is imperative. If the investigation does not result in criminal charges of the pawnor, the matter is considered a civil matter to be resolved between the pawnshop and the pawnor. In some cases, insurance companies will negotiate for the release of the pawned item.

Property Services

The Lakewood Police Property Services Section is responsible for controlling and protecting all property and evidence in department custody. Preservation, storage and eventual release of property are the primary goals for this unit.

Claiming and Releasing Property
Property must be claimed by the owner with government-issued photo identification. Property may be claimed by a third party who provides an original notarized letter from the property owner.

Releasing property to the rightful owner is a primary objective for the Property Services Section. Upon notification of a court disposition, property held as evidence will be available for release to the owners. Every effort is made to notify owners that they may claim their property.  Property not claimed within 30 days will be considered abandoned. 

All release times are by appointment only
Please call 303-987-7320 to make an appointment. 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 8:30 a.m.-4:45 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday - 8:30 a.m.-5:45 p.m.

Found Property Policy
Found property turned into the Police Department may be claimed by the finder if the property is not released to the original owner within 60 days. A letter of intent must be submitted to the Police Department to claim “finder’s rights.” Letters for Found Property should be addressed to: 

Property Services Section
445 S. Allison Parkway
Lakewood, CO 80226

Contact Information:
Property Services