Policies and Procedures

 The Lakewood Police Department is guided by a number of rules and regulations, which are listed in our Policy and Procedure Manual. This manual is available online in PDF format.

The website manual is periodically updated. This may result in the current policies and procedures differing from those on this site. If you need the most current version, please request the manual through our Records Department at the Lakewood Police Station.

Table of Contents(PDF, 275KB)
PP-1000(PDF, 228KB) Guiding Principals
PP-2000(PDF, 118KB) Department Organization
PP-3000(PDF, 284KB) Administration 
PP-3400(PDF, 280KB) Awards 
PP-3800(PDF, 62KB) Technology and Computer Software
PP-4000(PDF, 251KB) Operations 
PP-4120(PDF, 173KB) News Media Relations
PP-4200(PDF, 123KB) Off-Duty Employment 
PP-4220(PDF, 80KB) Telephone Calls
PP-4300(PDF, 211KB) Traffic Enforcement 
PP-4321(PDF, 100KB) Legal Adviser Notification
PP-4500(PDF, 99KB) Use of Force General Policy
PP-4508(PDF, 236KB) Use of Force Board Review 
PP-4600(PDF, 314KB) Field Investigations Criminal
PP-4700(PDF, 171KB) Property Booking
PP-4740(PDF, 254KB) Owner Requests for Tow
PP-4800(PDF, 287KB) Prisoner Arrest Control/Transport
PP-4819(PDF, 98KB) Use of Touch Print Fingerprints on Summonses 
PP-4820(PDF, 143KB) Temporary Detention
PP-4850(PDF, 469KB) Carrying Weapons 
PP-4902(PDF, 283KB) National Incident Management System
PP-4940(PDF, 175KB) Hazmat Incidents
PP-5000(PDF, 66KB) Office of the Chief of Police
PP-6000(PDF, 110KB) Professional Standards Section
PP-6030(PDF, 167KB) Personnel Recruitment and Selection
PP-7000(PDF, 561KB) Support Services Division 
PP-8000(PDF, 170KB) Investigations Division
PP-8100(PDF, 53KB) Crimes Against Persons Section 
PP-8103(PDF, 177KB) Sexual Assault Investigation Procedure
PP-8150(PDF, 174KB) Juvenile Crime Unit
PP-8162(PDF, 102KB) Crimes Against Children
PP-8200(PDF, 102KB) Economic Crimes 
PP-8241(PDF, 193KB) Motor Vehicle Theft Investigations
PP-8350(PDF, 273KB) Evidence Collection 
PP-9000(PDF, 265KB) Patrol Division and Radio Communication
PP-9123(PDF, 386KB) Juvenile Parties and Drinking