Lakewood Link Recreation Center

A gymnastics class takes place in the Link gymnasium.

Located at 1295 S. Reed St., the Link is a family-friendly recreation center that offers a fitness center, indoor pool with play features, climbing wall and gymnastics center. 

Fitness, pool use and aqua fitness classes do not require reservations.

Reservations are required for general admission classes, Tots in Action and open wall climb. Reserve up to 8 days in advance. Call 303-987-5400 for same-day reservations.

Pool Schedule    General Admission Classes

Know Before You Go

Fitness and pool areas and aqua fitness classes are available without a reservation. Pre-registration is required for fitness classes, gymnastics and climbing. Reservations can be made up to 8 days in advance. For same-day reservations, call 303-987-5400.

Code of Conduct: All visitors are expected to adhere to the department's code of conduct. Alcohol is not allowed.

  • No vending machines available; bring your own snacks.
  • No glass containers allowed.


If you would like to cancel your reservation(s), please follow these instructions(PDF, 2MB) or call the front desk at 303-987-5400.


All visitors enter through the front doors. Please bring your Lakewood recreation ID card to check yourself in at the front desk. If you do not have a card we will issue you a new one on your next visit. 

Rules & Safety Guidelines


  • Stay at home if you are sick or exhibiting any symptoms such as a sore throat, temperature of 100.4 or greater, cough, etc.
  • Locker rooms are open. Visitors should provide their own lock.
  • No congregating will be allowed inside or outside of the facility. 


Water exercise: Must be 14 years or older

  • Lifeguards are here to ensure your safety. Please obey the Lifeguards at all times.
  • Anyone under the age of 6, or non-swimmers in lifejackets, must be accompanied by an adult, who is in the pool, within arm’s reach at all times, while swimming on the deep side of the pool.
  • Children ages 4-6 need to be actively watched by a parent or guardian at all times while swimming on the shallow side.
  • Children 4 and under must be accompanied by an adult, who is in the water and within arms reach, at all times.
  • No rough play, sitting/standing on shoulders or running.
  • Only US Coast Guard approved lifejackets may be used as a flotation device. No water wings or suits with built in flotation allowed.
  • Equipment may be used with Manager’s approval (kickboards, noodles, fins, pull buoys, dumbbells, etc.).
  • No flips from side.


  • Parents or guardians are welcome to watch during lessons from the benches and chairs throughout the pool area.
  • No swimming before or after class.


  • No rough play on or around the play structure.
  • No climbing up the slide.
  • Feet first down the slide.
  • No jumping from the structure.
  • Beware the dump bucket with small children.
  • Do not attempt to swim under the nets around the structure.
  • Please do not climb on the zero depth features.


  • One person at a time on the slide except children under the age of 7 may be accompanied by an adult.
  • No flotation devices or toys on the slide.
  • You must remain feet first from entry to exit; no stopping or spinning on the slide.
  • Children may not be caught coming off the slide; parent/guardian may wait by the wall in the splash area.
  • The first person must exit the splash area immediately using the stairs before the next person begins.
  • No rough play or running on the stairs.

Make a Reservation

Reservations are NOT required for fitness and pool area use and aqua fitness classes. Reservations can be made up to 8 days in advance, starting at noon. Same-day reservations can be made by calling 303-987-5400.  View all reservations

Make a reservation

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