Recreation Center Rules

These rules and policies apply to all visitors of City of Lakewood Recreation Centers and pools.

Code of Conduct

City of Lakewood Community Resources Department supports and promotes an atmosphere of respect and courtesy. Appropriate behavior and interaction with others is expected of all patrons and participants. Physical, mental, verbal or emotional abuse will not be accepted in any city activity, event, facility or program.

Any Community Resources employee shall be authorized to enforce the Code of Conduct, along with any Rules and Regulations applicable to the facility, activity, event, park or program. Any person acting inappropriately or disrespectfully may be subject to the revocation of the privilege of using city facilities or participating in city activities, events or programs. Such determination will be made according to the City’s exclusion procedures. There is a zero tolerance policy for violations of this Code of Conduct.

General Facility Rules

  • Clothing with vulgar or profane writing or pictures is not allowed. Those dressing with gang symbols or styles will be asked to leave or change clothes.
  • A minimum of shoes, shorts and shirt must be worn in the workout areas and all other parts of the building except the swimming pool.
  • Making physical contact with another person in a sexual, angry or threatening manner will not be tolerated.
  • No harassing or intimidating words, gestures, body language or any other menacing behavior.
  • No stealing/vandalism or any other behavior which results in the destruction or loss of property.
  • Carrying or concealing any weapons, devices or objects which may be used as weapons is not allowed.
  • Using or possessing illegal drugs or alcohol is prohibited. This includes inside the facility as well as the parking areas.
  • Cell phones are not to be used inside the locker rooms.
  • Washing of clothes is not permitted in any of the restrooms or locker rooms.
  • Anyone caught coming in to use the facility without paying will be asked to leave and they may be charged with a trespass notice.
  • No smoking, vaping or e-cigarettes inside of the building or within 25 feet outside of the building.
  • No sleeping will be allowed inside the building.
  • No public displays of affection. This is a family oriented center.
  • Be respectful of others if taking photos or video.
  • No hair dye or coloring products allowed in locker rooms.

Additional Rules and Policies

Observing Parents

It is our policy that parents who are not participating in an activity but strictly observing their child(ren) will not be charged to enter the facility. This does not apply to parents supervising children 5 and under in the pool – parent must pay.

Facility Age Guidelines

For your children’s safety, the City of Lakewood requires that only children 11 years of age and older may use the facility unsupervised. Children 10 years of age and under must be accompanied by someone 12+ years of age. It is suggested that your children carry some kind of identification with them at all times.

Running/Walking Track

  • Appropriate shoes with no cleats required.
  • Track users help promote safer track conditions by cooperating and using designated lanes in the posted direction.
  • Inside lanes are for walkers/slower joggers-outside lanes are for joggers/runners.
  • When passing, indicate you are doing so by stating, “on your left (or right)”.
  • Users should not use the railings or door handles as stretching aids.
  • Do not stretch on track railing.
  • Track users are required to wear a shirt or top.
  • Appropriate workout attire is required. No sports bras or swim suits.

Cardio/Weight Room

  • 12-14 year olds must be accompanied by an adult unless they have passed the orientation, at which time they can use the weight/cardio equipment unsupervised.
  • Ages 15 and older can use the equipment without supervision.
  • Shirts/shoes/workout tops that provide adequate coverage must be worn at all times. No sports bras, jeans, swim suits or wet clothing.
  • Workout clothing must be worn when on strength machines.
  • No water shoes or open toe shoes.
  • Please wipe down equipment after use. Spray bottles and paper towels are provided.
  • Please limit use of equipment to 30 minutes when busy or when other people are waiting to use the machine.
  • Please return all equipment to its proper storage location when finished. Please do not move the larger equipment other than the benches from their current location.
  • Please put collars on weight bars.
  • Top loading weight stack machines is unsafe and is prohibited.
  • Dropping of weights/dumbbells except in designated areas is prohibited.
  • Personal trainers, coaches or fitness consultants other than the City of Lakewood personal trainers are not permitted to train others in any city facility.

Locker Rooms

  • Lock your locker. 
  • No food allowed.
  • Children 6 years of age and older must use the locker room for their gender.
  • Family changing rooms are for families with children 10 years or younger or those needing special assistance only.

Climbing Wall

  • No minimum age to use (child must be able to fit safely into the full body harness).
  • Child(ren) under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All climbers must sign a climbing wall risk waiver form. If under 18 years of age, forms must be signed by a parent/guardian. Signed waivers stay on file for 1 year.
  • No food or beverages.
  • Must wear a shirt and shoes (tennis or climbing shoes).
  • Body and hair must be dry.
  • Please remove all jewelry prior to climbing and tie long hair up and out of the way.
  • If under 15 years of age, helmets are mandatory.
  • Please do not grab at the belay bar at the top of the wall or climb above the top of the climbing rope.
  • Once certified, non-staff belayers must be attached to the floor anchor while belaying.
  • Those bouldering should not be below the climbers.
  • Belay certification is limited to those over 15 years of age.


  • No GUM, FOOD, or DRINKS. Sealable containers with water are permitted.
  • No black marking shoes or Heelies, skateboards or scooters.

Swimming Pools

  • Anyone under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult, who is in the pool, within arm’s reach at all times.
  • No rough play, sitting/standing on shoulders or running.
  • Only US Coast Guard approved lifejackets may be used as a flotation device.
  • Equipment may be used with manager’s approval (kickboards, noodles, fins, pull buoys, dumbbells, etc.).
  • Dangerous jumps or flips from the pool side, as determined by the lifeguards are not permitted.
  • In order to provide the safest possible environment, lifeguards are empowered to make decisions regarding the safety of any activity taking place in the pool area.
  • Please shower before entering the pool.
  • Enjoy food and drink in designated areas not near the pool.
  • No glass bottles allowed in pool area.
  • Children who are not completely potty trained need to wear a water friendly, reusable or disposable swim diaper.
  • Lifeguards are on duty to enforce rules and regulations and to respond to emergencies, but parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for the safety of your child.
  • All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.
  • Lawn chairs are for patrons 16 years of age and older. Please be considerate of all patrons wanting to make use of the lawn chairs and share with your younger children.

Pool Slide Rules

  • Sliders must be at least 3’6” tall.
  • No catching people off the slide.
  • No riveted shorts, belts, buckles, eye wear or bulky jewelry.
  • No floatation devices.
  • Children must be able to swim to ride alone. Non-swimmers under the age of 7 may be accompanied by an adult 16+.
  • May not ride double.
  • Body positions must be feet first, face up and seated at all times.

Diving Board

  • Diver must be able to swim the width of the pool before using the board.
  • No catching persons from the board.
  • Only one person on the diving board at a time.
  • Maximum of one bounce on board.
  • Dive or jump off the front of the board (not the side) and swim to the appropriate exit location.
  • Dangerous jumps, as determined by the lifeguard, are not permitted.
  • No toys, equipment or lifejackets may be used on the board.