Rules and Regulations of Community Resources

1. Applicability

Pursuant to Section 9.32.020 of the Lakewood Municipal Code, these Rules and Regulations apply to all parks, recreation facilities, and community centers operated by the City of Lakewood.  

2. Archery

Archery is permitted only in designated areas. The use of hunting points and broad head arrows is prohibited in designated archery ranges.

3. Belly Boats

No person shall use a fishing floatation device, commonly known as a “belly boat”, except in designated areas. 

4. Camping

Camping is allowed only in marked, designated areas of Bear Creek Lake Park or other park areas with permission of the Director.

  • The maximum occupancy per site is six people with one motorized camping unit or two tents. At least one member of the camping party must be eighteen years of age or older.
  • Parking is permitted only on the gravel, not on the grass.
  • The collection of firewood is strictly prohibited.
  • Quiet hours are in effect from Ten o’clock p.m. to Six o’clock a.m.
  • A maximum of fourteen nights of camping are allowed in any thirty-day period.
  • Campsite checkout time is noon of the expiration date on the camping pass.
  • The washing of dishes or persons at the water hydrants is prohibited.
  • Horses and other livestock are not permitted in the campground. 

No person other than a permittee may leave any personal property unattended for any length of time. Any personal property that appears to pose a risk or threat to public safety is subject to immediate removal by the Lakewood Police Department or other city employee.

5. Children

All children ten years of age or younger must be registered for a class or activity or must be supervised by a responsible party who is twelve years of age or older while within any recreational facility or community center. 

6. Dogs in Water

No owner, or other responsible party, shall allow any dog to enter any water areas in any park or recreational facility in the City except as approved by the Director and in approved areas.  

7. Drones and UAVs

No person shall launch, land, or operate any unmanned aircraft system (UAS) from or on any city property, including parks, open space areas, public rights of way or any other public property except in areas designated by the Director as “Unmanned Aircraft Flying Areas.”

  1. The Director may establish “Unmanned Aircraft Flying Areas” on any city owned property.
  2. The launching, landing, or operating of UAS in an Unmanned Aircraft Flying Area shall be subject to the Director’s permitting process, except when such launching, landing, or operating of a UAS is by or for official government agencies.
  3. Upon issuance of a permit from the Director, UAS operators must comply with state and federal laws, including Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations while launching, landing, or operating UAS in an Unmanned Aircraft Flying Area.

To report an issue or concern regarding drone flight, please visit the Code Enforcement page.

8. Projectiles and Launching Devices

Pursuant to Lakewood Municipal Code 9.32.280, it is unlawful to discharge, fire, or shoot any air gun, slingshot, pellet gun, blowgun, bow and arrow, paintball guns, air-soft guns, single-stage projectile, multi-stage projectile or projectile launching device in any park, community center, or recreation facility of the city, except in designated areas, without written consent of the Director, which consent shall not relieve any person engaged in any such activity from liability for any damage or injury caused thereby, nor impose or create any such liability to the city or any of its employees or agents; provide, however, that this section shall not apply to any activity which is a felony under state law. (Ord. O-2009-37 § 17, 2009; Ord. O-97-31 § 21, 1997; Ord. O-94-33 § 23, 1994; Ord. O-92-25 § 23, 1992; Ord. O-86-38 § 13, 1986).

9. Exclusion Procedures


  • Facility staff designated by the Director of Community Resources (“Staff”) has the authority to exclude persons who violate any Community Resources rule and regulation, municipal ordinance, code of conduct or state statute for the day of the violation.  If the violation is serious enough, Staff will decide whether to exclude the violator from the Facility for more than one day (an “Exclusion”) and/or to call the police.
  • If Staff decides Exclusion is warranted, Staff will:
    • When feasible, take a photograph of the violator for the purpose of identification; and
    • immediately serve the violator with a Notice of Exclusion, or send the Notice of Exclusion to the violator by certified mail, return receipt requested.
  • The period of the Exclusion shall not exceed one (1) year.  In determining the length of Exclusion, the following factors shall be considered by Staff: 
  • The seriousness of the violation;
  • whether the violation was of a rule or regulation, or involved criminal conduct; and
  • whether the violation involved damage to property, threat of violence, or the use of physical force. 
  • All Exclusion orders shall prohibit violators from entering or remaining in all recreational facilities, including Bear Creek Lake Park, Fox Hollow Golf Course, Homestead Golf Course and Thunder Valley, all community centers and all heritage, culture and the arts facilities.  Exclusion orders shall not include the Lakewood Civic Center.
  • The Notice of Exclusion shall notify the violator of the following:
    • the basis for Exclusion;
    • the length of Exclusion;
    • that the violator has a right to a hearing to determine whether probable cause for Exclusion exists, that the burden of proof shall be on the city and that the violator may call witnesses and present relevant evidence.  
  • If the violator desires a hearing, he or she must deliver to the Lakewood City Attorney’s Prosecution Office, within five (5) business days after service of the Notice of Exclusion, a written demand for a hearing.  As used herein, “service” shall mean, and be effective upon, delivery to the violator by personal service or via certified mail.  The written demand must include the violator’s current address and a telephone number where the violator can be reached between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If the violator fails to request a hearing within the allotted time, the Exclusion shall become final, and the violator shall lose the right to a hearing on the matter.


  1. The hearing shall be conducted by a Lakewood Municipal Court Judge within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt by the Lakewood City Attorney’s Prosecution Office of a written demand from the person seeking the hearing, unless such person waives the right to a speedy hearing.  In the event that the right to a speedy hearing is waived, the hearing will be held within ten (10) business days of receipt of the waiver.  Days the Municipal Court is closed, including holidays, are to be excluded from the calculation of the seventy-two (72) -hour period.

  2. The sole issue before the Municipal Court Judge shall be whether probable cause existed to exclude the violator from all City recreational facilities, including Bear Creek Lake Park, Fox Hollow Golf Course, Homestead Golf Course and Thunder Valley, all community centers and all heritage, culture and the arts facilities for a period of up to one (1) year.

  3. The hearing shall be conducted in an informal manner and shall not be bound by the technical rules of evidence.  Nevertheless, the violator and the City may call witnesses and present demonstrative evidence. The Municipal Court Judge may receive all or part of the evidence in written form.  The hearing will be recorded.  

  4. The City shall carry the burden of establishing that the violator acted in violation of a Community Resources Department rule or regulation, code of conduct, a municipal ordinance or state statute and that the period of Exclusion imposed complied with the Community Resources Department’s regulations.  The standard of proof shall be probable cause.

  5. At the conclusion of the hearing, the Municipal Court Judge shall prepare a written decision.  A copy of such decision shall be mailed via certified mail to the violator within five (5) business days.  The decision of the Municipal Court Judge shall in no way affect any criminal proceeding in connection with the violation in question, and any criminal charges involved in such proceeding may be challenged only in the appropriate court.

  6. If the Municipal Court Judge determines that the violator committed a violation that constitutes grounds for Exclusion and that the period of Exclusion imposed complies with the Community Resources Department’s regulations, the Municipal Court Judge shall order that the Exclusion order go into effect immediately. 

  7. Failure of the violator to attend a scheduled appeal hearing shall be deemed a waiver of the right to such hearing, and the Municipal Court Judge shall order that the Exclusion order go into effect immediately.

  8. The Municipal Court’s ruling shall constitute a final ruling for the purposes of appeal pursuant to Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 106(4).


If the violator is dissatisfied with the Municipal Court Judge’s decision, he/she may appeal pursuant to Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 106(4).


  1. Persons ten years of age or older may be required to check in at the entry desk of a recreational facility or community center designated by the Director and show either a City issued identification or other approved photo identification.
  2. If Staff determines that someone who is currently excluded is attempting to enter the facility, the Lakewood police will be called and staff will request that the excluded person be arrested for violating the exclusion order.

10. Fees

All persons using any city park, recreational facility, or community center shall pay any applicable admission fees.

11. Golf

  • No person shall drive, putt, or in any other fashion play or practice golf or use golf balls or clubs in any area of any park or recreational facility of the City except Fox Hollow Golf Course, the Homestead Golf Course and any other area designated by the Director for that purpose.
  • No person on the premises of Fox Hollow Golf Course and Homestead Golf Course shall:
    1. Engage in disorderly conduct.
    2. Become visibly intoxicated.
    3. Damage the golf course.
    4. Fail to follow the course design on a hole-to-hole basis.
    5. Interfere with or obstruct the activities or any other golfer or patron of the golf course. 

12. Identification

When entering a recreation facility or community center designated by the Director, every person over the age of ten may be required to sign in and show either a City issued identification or other approved photo identification, unless such person is participating in an organized program, activity, tournament or registered for a class.  

13. Ice Activities

No person shall enter onto the ice on any body of water managed by the Department or included in any park or recreational facility unless the specific area used is posted to allow such activity or has been otherwise authorized by the Director.  

14. Intoxication

No person shall be visibly intoxicated or under the influence of any controlled substance with any city park, recreational facility, or community center. No person under the age of 21, who has consumed any alcoholic liquor, may enter or remain in any park, recreation facility or community center. 

15. Model Boats and Airplanes

Radio-controlled model boats and airplanes are only allowed in areas designated for such use by the Director. Fuel-propelled model boats and airplanes and fuel propelled radio-controlled vehicles are not allowed in any park, recreation facility, or community center in the City. 

16. Organized Sports

The Director shall issue permits to teams for league competition and practice. All teams and individuals shall relinquish the play area to the permit holder during the designated date and time on the permit. The Director may restrict players, teams, and leagues from all public fields for a specified time for flagrant or repeated violations of these rules and regulations. The Director may close any public field or play area when, due to weather or any other condition, the use of such field would create a hazardous condition for players or would create maintenance problems. 

17. Skateboards, In-line and Roller Skates, Roller Blades

Except when otherwise authorized by the Director, no person shall engage in any skating activity utilizing roller blades, in-line skates, roller skates, or skateboards in the parking lot or on any sidewalk adjacent to any entrance to any recreational facility or community center, or on or in the Lakewood Civic Center, its sidewalks, streets, plazas, parking garages, parking structures, parking areas or open areas. The Director may designate other areas in which the above-described activities are prohibited. 

18. Sledding

No person shall sled within any park of the City, except in designated areas.  

19. Snowmobiles

No person shall use a snowmobile in any park unless authorized by the Director. 

20. Swimming, Wading

  1. No person shall swim in any outside body of water within any of the City’s parks and recreational facilities, except in designated areas, or as part of a scheduled and supervised recreational program which is sponsored by the Department, or as authorized by a Department permit.
  2. No person shall wade in any body of water managed by the Department or in any park or recreational facility unless such area is designated for wading or when wading is an integral part of a lawful water activity. As used in this rule, “wade” means to enter into water up to chest height.
  3. No person shall swim from any boat except when engaged in a legitimate rescue attempt.
  4. Use of swimming pools shall be subject to rules and regulations posted at each swimming pool.
  5. No person shall interfere with any member of the aquatic staff while they are engaged in the performance of their duties. 

21. Tennis

Use of tennis courts shall be subject to the rules and regulations posted at each tennis court. Reserved use of tennis courts shall be available only by permit from the Director.  

22. Trail Users

Trail users, including but not limited to pedestrians, bicyclists, horseback riders, horse drawn carriage operators, skaters, and skateboarders, shall not operate or act in a careless or imprudent manner on any park trail so as to indicate a lack of due care for the safety of persons or property. All trail users shall make every effort to share park trails with other trail users. 

23. Vehicles on Ice

No motorized vehicle of any kind shall be on the ice of any body of water. 

24. Weight Equipment

Weight equipment shall be used in accordance with posted signs and shall not be used in a manner that endangers the safety of other patrons or risks damage to the equipment. 

25. Lakewood Civic Center Regulations

Newspaper Vending Machines at Lakewood Civic Center

  1. At the Lakewood Civic Center, newspaper vending machines are permitted only in those locations designated by the City Manager, which locations are generally confined to Regional Transportation District parking areas located at 480 South Allison Parkway and the ground level of the parking structure located at 445 South Allison Parkway.
  2. The City has installed newspaper vending machines at the Lakewood Civic Center at 480 South Allison Parkway and 445 South Allison Parkway. These machines are available for use by permit as provided in this section. No person shall install or use any other newspaper vending machine or similar device on or at the Lakewood Civic Center.
  3. A newspaper vending machine permit is available to any publication that is eligible for the periodicals mailing privileges of the United States Postal Service. A newspaper vending machine permit is available for any particular publication for only one machine in each of the banks of machines installed at the Lakewood Civic Center.
  4. A newspaper vending machine permittee shall maintain the newspaper vending machine face, its interior and all mechanical workings of its individual box, including, without limitation, the window and face plate; the coin mechanism, coin tray, and lock, if any; and the inside shelves. The newspaper vending machine permittee shall supply and affix to its permitted machine whatever logo or identifying wording it desires to use to let the public know which periodical is inside the machine. Such identifying device shall be no longer than two inches high by fourteen inches wide, with white text on a black background. It shall use a self- stick backing of a type approved by the Director for its balance of adhesiveness and ease of removal, and be affixed in the location on the box specified by the Director for all boxes.
  5. A newspaper vending machine permit is valid for one year from date of issuance. The fee for a newspaper vending machine permit shall be established by the Director. In addition to other causes specified in this Regulation for permit denial, revocation, or suspension, a newspaper vending machine permit expires when the machine is not in use for a period of thirty days, or if the permittee has failed to maintain the newspaper vending machine over such a period, although the Director shall take no final action based on such an expiration without notice to the permittee and an opportunity for a hearing. Upon denial of renewal of a permit, or suspension, revocation, expiration for failure to use or maintain, or expiration for failure to renew, the Director may remove the contents of any machine, change the locks, hold any contents and money as abandoned property, and issue a new permit to someone else.

Non-periodical newspaper vending machine boxes

  1. The Director shall designate one newspaper vending machine box in each bank for use by purveyors of printed material which is not eligible for the periodicals mailing privileges of the United States Postal Service. Such non-periodical newspaper vending machine boxes shall contain only materials available free to the public, and only one shelf of one box in each bank of boxes shall be available for use for any one such publication or other printed material. If these boxes are configured to hold more than one publication, then the Director shall determine the maximum number of shelves there may be in such boxes, and shall issue such permits on a per shelf basis. The fee for permits to use such boxes shall be that set for periodicals, newspaper vending machine boxes, except that the Director shall prorate the fee based on the number of shelves covered by the particular permit.
  2. In the event that there are unused periodicals newspaper vending machines in any bank, the Director may make the space available as temporary non-periodical newspaper vending machine boxes, except that temporary permits issued on this basis shall be revocable at any time that a new applicant for a regular newspaper vending machine receives approval of the application. If it is necessary to choose which temporary permit box is to be used by the new periodicals permittee, the Director shall determine the matter by lot. In the case of such a revocation based on this priority, the permittee displaced shall be entitled to a refund based on the number of full three-month periods paid but not used.

Newspaper vending machine permits are available on a first come, first served basis. Should the first come, first served system not resolve allocation questions, the Director shall select publications by lot.


Except for Assistance Dogs as defined in C.R.S. 24-34-803 or dogs used in an approved performance, no dogs shall be allowed in or on the Lakewood Civic Center.

Bicycles, Skateboards and Motorized Vehicles

No bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, motorbikes, automobiles or similar vehicles shall be allowed on the plaza, sidewalks, or open areas of Lakewood Civic Center, unless permitted by the Director.

No posting

No sign or other message shall be affixed to any structure, wall, pole or other device in Lakewood Civic Center, unless permitted by the Director.

Information Booths

No booth, table or similar device shall be erected in Lakewood Civic Center, unless permitted by the Director. 

  1. No festivals, commercial activity, entertainment activity, organized events, organized sporting activity, musical demonstrations or similar activities shall occur in Lakewood Civic Center, unless permitted by the Director.

  2. No person shall block or impede the entrances and exits of the buildings and structures located in the Lakewood Civic Center. 

26. Lakewood Civic Center Permit Criteria

The Plaza at Lakewood Civic Center is designed to be a special area in which a variety of activities will occur, including recreational, artistic and commercial. It is anticipated that crowds of people, including children, will attend various events sponsored by the City and other organizations. On a daily basis, the Plaza is anticipated to serve numerous shoppers and City employees as they visit stores located in the Civic Center and visit City offices. Thus, businesses seeking to locate in the Plaza must be appropriate to the location.

Businesses seeking to operate in the Plaza must receive a permit from the Director of Community Resources prior to operation. The permits will be issued based upon the criteria listed below. The Director will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, disability, national origin or age. The Plaza is leased by the City and controlled and managed by the City; the City reserves the right to refuse issuance of any and all permits. 

Criteria for issuing Plaza Business Permits

  1. Permits shall be issued only for locations approved by the Director.
  2. The Director shall determine the nature and type of businesses which will be eligible to locate on the Plaza to insure they are compatible with other uses on the Plaza.
  3. Permits shall be issued on a first come, first serve basis. If there are more applications than there are locations, permits will be awarded through a selection process to be established by the Director. One permit shall be issued per business.
  4. A permit shall be applicable for a maximum three-year period. Length of time shall be determined by the type of business.
  5. The Applicant shall pay a permit fee in the amount of $500.00 per year and, additionally, pay ten percent of gross sales, payable on a quarterly basis.
  6. Businesses must operate from a cart or table no more than 15 feet in length, 8 feet in width, 10 feet in height, maximum weight limits of 500lbs. Access to electricity for sound amplification, including volume, time, duration and lighting must be established and approved by the Director. No Motor Vehicles will be allowed at any time to set a cart or tables on the plaza.
  7. Permits may be revoked by the Director for failure to comply with any federal, state or City law or regulation.
  8. At certain times the plaza will be closed to public events. The City reserves the right to prohibit the operation of any permitted business on the plaza on certain days and at certain times.
  9. Permitted businesses must comply with Lakewood Town Center architectural controls. 

27. Lakewood Civic Center Permit Procedure

  • Permit applications shall be filed on application forms provided by the Director or his designee. Permit applications must be complete in all respects to be accepted for filing. An application may be denied if the Director finds that there is insufficient time to make the findings described in subsection (D) of this section from the date of the filing of the application until the date of the activity which would be authorized pursuant to the permit. In the absence of extraordinary circumstances, as determined by the Director, fifteen (15) days will be sufficient to make such findings.
  • The Director may promulgate and publish criteria for obtaining a permit and may establish a process and time frame for receipt and consideration of applications.
  • The Director shall review written permit applications and determine whether to issue a permit. The Director may establish the conditions for the issuance of any permit, including such reasonable conditions as are necessary and proper to preserve the Civic Center environs, including but not limited to requiring proper insurance coverage be obtained by an applicant. The Director may impose a reasonable fee to process the application and impose reasonable fees for use of the Civic Center.
  • The Director shall issue a permit when he finds that the applicant has met the criteria set forth in Section 24 above.
  • The Director may establish such reasonable conditions as he deems necessary to ensure compliance with standards for issuance.
  • Any permit issued shall describe both the location and the date(s) and time(s) when it is valid, the nature of the activity permitted, and any conditions imposed upon the issuance of the permit.
  • The Director shall have the power and authority to revoke any permit for any violation of the conditions of the permit as well as for any violations of the ordinance or rules and regulations governing use of the City parks, community centers, and recreation facilities. In the event a permit is revoked, no portion of the permit fee shall be refunded to the permit holder.
  • The person or persons to whom a permit is issued shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury to any park property, community center or recreation facility and for any personal injury or property damage sustained by any person as a result of the negligence of such person or persons or an agent or employee thereof, and shall indemnify the City for any liability it may incur as a result of such negligence. The Director may require insurance in amounts and types of coverage to protect the City’s interests. 

28. Code of Conduct

  • The City of Lakewood Community Resources Department supports and promotes an atmosphere of courtesy and consideration toward all individuals. Respectful behavior and interaction with others is expected of all patrons. Abusive behavior is not permitted in any Community Resources facility, activity, or program.
  • Any Community Resources employee designated by the Director shall be authorized to enforce this Code of Conduct along with any other rules and regulations applicable to the facility, activity or program. Community Resources’ employees are also authorized and encouraged to dispatch the City’s Police Department any time patron or participant behavior is deemed to be in violation of the Community Resources’ Code of Conduct. Violators may be subject to revocation of the privilege of using facilities or participating in activities or programs. Such determination will be made according to the City’s exclusion procedures.  

29. Wildfire Mitigation

Owners of real property adjacent to City parks may, where necessary to mitigate against the danger of wildfire, enter onto the City’s park land for the purpose of maintaining and controlling vegetation, including but not limited to mowing, cutting or raking grasses and ground cover or removing, trimming, pruning or otherwise reducing shrubs, bushes, trees and other vegetation, in the area on the City park land within ten (10) feet of the owner’s property line. Property owners must abide by the following stipulations:

  1. Pre-approval is required for the removal of trees over three (3) inches in diameter.
  2. No clearing of vegetation down to mineral soil.
  3. No landscaping or other improvements will be allowed on City property.

Owners who choose to undertake such activities on City park land do so at their own risk, and are subject to the same rights and responsibilities as other users of City park land.  

30. Slack Lining

Slack lining (or other objects anchored/tied to park trees) will be allowed on park property under the following restrictions: 

  • Trees must be a minimum of 14” in diameter (dbh), and line must not cause tree to noticeably flex. The lowest horizontal branch shall be a minimum of six feet from the ground.
  • Padding must be used to protect trees.
  • Line must not be elevated to a height of more than 3’ at the center of the span (applies to slack lines only).
  • Equipment must not be left unattended and must be removed each day.
  • Lines must not interfere with other park activities.
  • Prohibited areas where slack lining is not allowed include Bear Creek Lake Park swim beach, marina area and campground; man-made objects; landscaped garden areas; and any other areas posted as closed to slack lining.  

31. Permits for Organized Use of Parks and Open Space

Permits are required for any person engaging in any group activity who requires a specific reservation or is engaging in any nonrecreational or commercial activities or organized community events such as festivals, celebrations, organized walking or running events, outdoor rally, meeting, demonstration or gathering for the purpose of expressive activity in a City park. The primary purpose of parks is to provide areas for the residents of the City and the general public to engage in recreational activities and temporarily exchange the urban environment for a more natural one. Therefore, the primary consideration in issuing or denying to use a park or public open space shall be to consider the safety and rights of citizens who use such areas, and to protect and preserve such areas for recreational use by the citizens of the City and the general public. 

No person other than a permittee may leave any personal property unattended for any length of time. Any personal property that appears to pose a risk or threat to public safety is subject to immediate removal by the Lakewood Police Department or other city employee.