Aqua Fitness

An outdoor aqua fitness class takes place in a city pool.

Aqua fitness is a great way to get a low impact, whole body workout. Lakewood Recreation offers a wide variety of classes, including SilverSneakers Splash, deep and shallow water classes and Glide Fit floating fitness.

View the calendar below to plan your visit.

For assistance, call Carmody Recreation Center at 720-963-5360.  

Aqua Fitness Class Schedule

All classes are available on a drop-in basis; view the schedule below to plan your visit. GlideFit classes require a separate fee.

About Aqua Fitness

About aqua fitness

Lakewood Aqua Fitness offers the most complete lineup of aquatic fitness classes in Colorado. There is something for everyone, regardless of where you are in your journey toward wellness.  

The aquatic environment is completely unique and provides countless benefits to class participants. These benefits include:

  • The water creates a low or no impact environment causing minimal stress to joints.
  • The water provides support to develop balance and core strength.
  • The resistance of water supports overall muscle strength and endurance.
  • The support of the water enhances flexibility and range of motion in joints.
  • The average one-hour aqua fitness class will burn 400-500 calories.
  • Classes are fun, relaxing and promote lasting friendships and community. 

Anyone ages 14 and up can participate in aqua fitness classes. All classes are suitable for women who are pregnant. Modifications will be given if necessary. Aqua fitness shoes are recommended. 


Classes typically offered

AQUA AI CHI (Level 1-3)

Performed in shoulder deep warm water and focuses on deep breathing and sweeping arm movements designed to reduce stress and increases oxygen consumption, balance and core strength.

New: Aqua Boot Camp (Level 4-5)

An intermediate to advanced water workout. This challenging 1-hour workout combines endurance, muscle toning, cardio and strength training, taking the best of the land-based boot camps and adding the resistance on water.

AQUA ZUMBA (Level 2-4)

Zumba in the water! An intermediate fitness level is recommended for this energetic dance-based aqua class.


This warm-water class is specifically designed for individuals with arthritis, but is open to anyone. The only equipment used is a noodle.

DEEP WATER (Level 3-5)

This class strengthens the core and develops the cardiovascular endurance system. Flotation belts, dumbbells and noodles are used.


Take your total body workout to the next level on GlideFit boards during drop-in classes at Morse Park pool! Using aquatic-based stability training (ABST), this class incorporates yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), core strength and cool down exercise to maximize the benefits of floating fitness.

SHALLOW WATER (level 2-4)

Moderate-impact classes designed for individuals looking for an energizing workout of higher intensity. Uses water resistance and equipment for a total body workout.


Formerly called Silver Splash, this same great class uses the water's properties to enhance agility, range of motion, endurance and balance.

Aqua Fitness Cost

Aqua fitness passes can be purchased online, over the phone at 720-963-5360 or at the front desk of the facility where the class is held.

Cost and pass options


Drop-in (per class): $7 resident, $9 nonresident
6 Classes: $38 resident, $45 nonresident
6 Classes Senior: $32 resident, $38 nonresident
10 Classes $60 resident, $70 nonresident
10 Classes Senior: $50 resident, $60 nonresident


Drop-in (per class): $10 resident/$12 nonresident
10 Classes: $80 resident/$100 nonresident

Purchase a Pass


(Silver Sneakers®, Senior All-Access, Silver&Fit®)

If you are a member of an insurance-based membership, all aqua fitness classes are included in your pass, except for GlideFit.

Learn more about insurance-based memberships.

Glide Fit Class

Get a full-body workout on the water with this floating fitness class! Happening at Carmody Recreation Center pool this fall. Registration required.

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September 12-December 26
Mondays, 9:30-10:30 a.m.
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Per class: $10 resident, $12 nonresident
10-class pass: $80 resident, $100 nonresident

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Register online via the link below, over the phone at 720-963-5360, or in person at any Lakewood Recreation Center.

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About Glide Fit

GlideFIT is an aqua fitness class which uses floating mats for a full-body workout. It incorporates yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), core strength and cool down exercise to maximize the benefits of floating fitness.