Aqua Fitness

An outdoor aqua fitness class takes place in a city pool.

Drop-in has resumed!

Pre-registration no longer required. View the calendar below to plan your visit. 

A variety of classes are now being offered, with more on the way! Participants can pay by class or purchase a class pass. Most classes are free for insurance-based members of SilverSneakers, Silver&Fit, and RenewActive.

For assistance, call Carmody Recreation Center at 720-963-5360.

Aqua Fitness Class Schedule

Pre-registration is no longer required for these classes. View the schedule below to plan your visit. 

About Aqua Fitness Classes

About aqua fitness

Lakewood Aqua Fitness offers the most complete lineup of aquatic fitness classes in Colorado. There is something for everyone, regardless of where you are in your journey toward wellness.  

The aquatic environment is completely unique and provides countless benefits to class participants. These benefits include:

  • The water creates a low or no impact environment causing minimal stress to joints.
  • The water provides support to develop balance and core strength.
  • The resistance of water supports overall muscle strength and endurance.
  • The support of the water enhances flexibility and range of motion in joints.
  • The average one-hour aqua fitness class will burn 400-500 calories.
  • Classes are fun, relaxing and promote lasting friendships and community. 

Anyone ages 14 and up can participate in aqua fitness classes. All classes are suitable for women who are pregnant. Modifications will be given if necessary. Aqua fitness shoes are recommended. 


Classes typically offered

AQUA AI CHI (Level 1-3)

Performed in shoulder deep warm water and focuses on deep breathing and sweeping arm movements designed to reduce stress and increases oxygen consumption, balance and core strength.

New: Aqua Boot Camp (Level 4-5)

An intermediate to advanced water workout. This challenging 1-hour workout combines endurance, muscle toning, cardio and strength training, taking the best of the land-based boot camps and adding the resistance on water.

AQUA ZUMBA (Level 2-4)

Zumba in the water! An intermediate fitness level is recommended for this energetic dance-based aqua class.


This warm-water class is specifically designed for individuals with arthritis, but is open to anyone. The only equipment used is a noodle.

DEEP WATER (Level 3-5)

This class strengthens the core and develops the cardiovascular endurance system. Flotation belts, dumbbells and noodles are used.


Take your total body workout to the next level on GlideFit boards during drop-in classes at Morse Park pool! Using aquatic-based stability training (ABST), this class incorporates yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), core strength and cool down exercise to maximize the benefits of floating fitness.

SHALLOW WATER (level 2-4)

Moderate-impact classes designed for individuals looking for an energizing workout of higher intensity. Uses water resistance and equipment for a total body workout.


Formerly called Silver Splash, this same great class uses the water's properties to enhance agility, range of motion, endurance and balance.

Aqua Fit Cost

Aqua fitness passes can be purchased online, over the phone at 720-963-5360 or at the front desk of the facility where the class is held.

Cost and pass options


Drop-in (per class): $7 resident, $8 nonresident
6 Classes: $38 resident, $45 nonresident
6 Classes Senior: $32 resident, $38 nonresident
10 Classes $60 resident, $70 nonresident
10 Classes Senior: $50 resident, $60 nonresident


Drop-in: $10 resident/$12 nonresident per class

(Silver Sneakers®, Senior All-Access, Silver&Fit®)

If you are a member of an insurance-based membership, all aqua fitness classes are included in your pass except for Aqua Ai Chi classes, which are offered at a 20% discount. Learn more about insurance-based memberships.

Aqua Fitness Instructors

JoAnn Ator


Arthritis Foundation Aqua Fitness Certified 2012, APAI Water Fitness Instructor Certified.

My Story

As my life journey progressed, I found myself in the same boat as many others in our community.  Suffering from an affliction with arthritis related joint pain.  Having been an active person for most of my life, I was not ready to listen to my aching joints when they would say, “Let’s just kick back and sit here.”  I found aqua fitness through Lakewood a few years back and through their many class formats found the exercise outlet I was looking for in their specialty arthritis classes.  These classes met my desire for exercise and the benefits of this water supported movement provided countless benefits to me and my fellow classmates.
After a year or so of taking the classes, I became a certified instructor through the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program and through the APAI Aqua Fitness Association.  Now I find my satisfaction in continuing to introduce our community members suffering from joint pain to the benefits of aqua exercise.  I strive to create a welcoming class atmosphere that welcomes all levels of physical ability and I believe that our ability to laugh together and support each other as we challenge our bodies and spirits leads to lasting results that will allow us to keep our spirit young and our bodies moving at any age.


Diana DeCroce


APAI Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor since 2013, Ai Chi Certification, Associate of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy Degree. Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist. Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reflexology Certifications.


My Story

Crazy as it sounds, I was introduced to Aqua Fitness as a result of pesticide poisoning. Suddenly, I found myself no longer able to enjoy my life long "active Colorado lifestyle," or even, function on the most basic level. The toll on my neurological system was immense and debilitating. Simply taking a walk would leave me in excruciating pain and fatigue for weeks. Determined to regain my health, understanding the importance of finding my breath and keeping my energy flowing in order to do so, I persevered. Many months passed before finally!, I recalled that there was a warm water pool just up the street. It was just what my stiff, aching, overwhelmed body-mind was asking for. It so happened that there was an Aqua Fitness class going on. At the invitation to join, I did. Feeling fantastic afterward, I continued coming back and so did my endurance, strength, balance and coordination. Without pain!! Within the year I found myself certified and teaching aqua fitness classes. 

Even now it still sometimes seems as if I'm taking two steps forward and one step back, continuing to navigate this mostly uncharted territory of healing from toxic exposure and now, subsequent chemical sensitivity. Ah, but such is the dance of life! Is it not? And I do so love to dance! 

After taking a break from teaching I am returning to the world of Aqua, honored at the opportunity to lead Ai Chi class. I invite you to join with me. Together we will breathe......and dance, a soothing meditative dance. Finding our own breath's gentle and natural rhythm and flow..... freeing the body to follow. What a wonderful way to begin your day!


Sherilyn Dunn


APAI Certified since 2018 

My Story

In 2014, I stepped on a grandchild’s toy and tore my ACL and meniscus. As part of strengthening my leg, my physical therapist suggested I try aqua exercise. After paddling around the pool on my own for a bit, I enrolled in an aqua fitness class and found I loved it! I’ve been a dancer since I was five. I enjoy physical movement, especially to music. Combining that with a love of swimming and water, aqua fitness was a perfect fit. I have always helped people learn to dance or work out or just have fun, so becoming a fitness instructor just made sense. I love helping people reach their fitness and wellness goals, while they meet new workout buddies and make new friends. 




Aqua Aerobics Instructor; A-PAI, Ai Chi Instructor, Ai Chi Trainer, Watsu Therapist, Shiatsu Therapist, Massage Therapist.

My Story

Petri has been teaching aqua exercise since January 2004, during this time she has also been continuing her education in water therapy and other therapeutic modalities. She graduated in October 2013 with the above stated therapeutic certifications. She states that “I feel that my therapeutic education has added to the aqua classes and workshops that I teach, helping you tune into what you are doing and why you are doing it. I effort to make the work you are doing enjoyable and believe that the appropriate music adds to the occasion. Teaching aqua exercise benefits me in so many ways, meeting with the lovely Lakewood community, helping people feel better while helping myself feel better are the best two examples.


Stacy Lochowicz


AAAI Aquatics Instructor since 2014, Arthritis Foundation, Aqua Zumba, AFFA Group Exercise (incl., The Practical Way), YMCA Group Exercise and Strength and Conditioning, Tai Chi, and Barre Forte

My Story

For the past several years, I have been teaching aquatics and warm water therapy classes at the Denver area YMCA branches and recreational centers. I have always been very passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals and overcome their physical handicaps. Having taught fitness classes for so long, I have come to realize that warm water therapy is the best of both worlds - improving your fitness level, while preventing injuries.


Barbara Meister, MEd., RD


AEA certified, aqua fitness instructor since 1992, and registered dietitian.

My Story

I began my career as an aqua fitness instructor because I wanted to support my mom in her weight loss and fitness goals. She chose aqua fitness class and wanted me to go with her and it was love at first jump! I soon became certified and began teaching her and her friends aqua fitness classes and swimming lessons at our local YMCA. Aqua fitness has always been a personal reward for myself mostly because I feel both emotionally and physically satisfied afterwards. I truly enjoy helping others meet their health goals by means of aqua fitness and nutrition education. I feel very fortunate to have a career that I love and that is good for me too!


Ada Menzies


Certified Ai Chi Instructor, Certified Arthritis Aqua Instructor since 2012. Attended Willamette University and University of Colorado Boulde, Alzheimer's Association Savvy Caregiver trained and volunteer
Master cosmetologist, educator and author Culinary Degree/CIA.

My Story

I am certified to instruct all aqua classes plus Ai Chi. Currently I am focused on assisting our water exercise patrons move up a step or two in their routines.
My theory is "we have over 600 muscles in our bodies: USE EM OR LOOSE EM!" I strive to make each class different than the one before and to challenge everyone to work as long as possible, as hard as possible without creating any pain. I share what the exercise does for the muscle group, how to do it safely and how to take it up a level or two.
My job is to help modify every move in class to meet individual needs regardless of ability, strength or physical barriers.
My goal is to make class fun, challenging, and a friendly place to put joy and results in your water workout.
My calling is to reflect that water exercise is what keeps me walking and mobile in spite of a debilitating car accident. Consistent focused and always changing water exercise is how I left the wheelchair. Come join us, the water is perfect!


Annalisa Primus


I started with the most difficult one, the Aqua APAI (in 2012), and now I have six more! Swim instructor, Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Core, Zumba Gold, Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program. 


My Story

Fitness is just an amazing world to be in, along with all the positive things you get out of it. Volleyball was my first 'true love'. I played in the top League in Italy for nearly 16 years. Then my body started to fall apart after many hard falls in the court. Among my other careers are: accounting, teaching of foreign languages for business purposes and totally loved my Tour Guiding career. These days, I am totally in love with giving and sharing with you my passion for Water, Fitness and dance. It simply makes you feel great!! Have Fun!! Sweat your Swag! Things get hotter under the Water! Eat, sleep, Zumba and REPEAT!! Shake-Shake-Shrink!


Flo Sirokman


Aqua Aerobics certification since 1994.  Also instructed: Silver Sneakers – land and water; Red Cross movement classes; “Strickly Abs” – land; “Aerobic Balance Ball” – land (my other love!). 

My Story 

I enjoy swimming and find the water healing, mind and body.  I enjoy attending seminars, learning new, fun challenging routines to use in class.  I even sometimes make up my own moves.  I stress contracting abs, gluts, full range of motion and posture. Participants have stated, It improves their mobility and energy levels which helps with everyday activities, balance is improved. They miss class benefits when unable to attend.  Also, they are always glad to be back. I’m blessed for the opportunity to help attendees improve their well being! I love my job!

Deb Smith


APAI Certified and have been teaching aquatics classes since 2003

My Story 

I began aquatics classes on a friend’s recommendation, when my knees began hurting so bad I could hardly function.  After just a few months of water exercise my knees were so much improved, I made up my mind that I would be doing this the rest of my life!  At first, having young children at home, working out in a class led by others was a good fit for me.  Eventually the opportunity came for me to take the training required to teach classes.  I truly enjoy the chance to get to know the patrons who attend my classes, and to help improve their lives.

Sandra Sprude


AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional since 2003, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

My Story

Growing up as a swimmer, I was always around the water or a pool.  I really enjoy teaching water aerobics and think of it as one of my hobbies. I have taught swim lessons and Arthritis classes as well. I stay active in my personal life and love sharing that passion with everyone around me. The water is a great medium for all of us to attain, exceed, or maintain our fitness goals. See you in the pool.


Kathy Tabor


AEA Aqua certified since 2011

My Story

As a high school student I tried water aerobics for the first time, and loved it!!! I was hooked, attending whenever possible. It was my first choice of exercise, kept me healthy and full of energy. I started subbing water aerobics in 1995, and was assigned my first official class in 2001. I am certified with AEA. I also teach yoga, strength training, and Silver Sneaker classes.  
“Years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do, than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in you sails. Explore, Dream, Discover..." - Mark Twain
“There is an opportunity for infinite possibility in each and every moment.” - Anonymous


Dawn Weiss


Aqua Aerobics Certified since 2000.

My Story

I needed an exercise class that was very early in the morning, back in 1999. The only one available at Green Mountain Rec Center was an Aqua class. So, I joined. I was immediately hooked since my body felt so good after each class. Fast forward to today, rarely do I skip a day from going to the pool. I strap on my water ankle cuffs and water weights and get my workout in the water. I only actually teach one Aqua class each week, since my main focus is being a Yoga Instructor. But, my body feels so much more flexible and there is nothing like the water to get a full range of motion on all my joints.