Licenses and Permits - Issued by City Clerk's Office

The following licenses and permits are issued through the City Clerk's Office.

Hours: Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

If your desired permit is not listed below, it is most likely issued by the Public Works Department. Please visit these sites below for more information on permit types and how to apply:

Any person, firm, or corporation wanting to operate an adult business within the city limits must first obtain an Adult Business License from the city of Lakewood.

Each entertainer working in an adult business shall complete an entertainer application.

New Application(PDF, 3MB)

Renewal Application(PDF, 44KB)

Report of Changes and Manager Registration Application(PDF, 136KB)

Entertainer Application(PDF, 84KB)

A block party permit allows the applicant to temporarily barricade a street.

Online Application

Printable Application(PDF, 82KB)

Licenses are needed for those selling Christmas trees within the city limits.

Printable Application(PDF, 218KB)

The city of Lakewood requires residents to obtain annual licenses and current rabies vaccinations for their dogs. All dogs 4 months and older must be licensed with tags displayed on their collars at all times.

More information and application

An Escort Service License allows for the applicant to operate escort services in the city of Lakewood.

An Escort Service Runner License allows for the applicant to operate as an escort service runner in the city of Lakewood.

Printable Services Application(PDF, 263KB)

Printable Runner Application(PDF, 239KB)

Individual License Application(PDF, 258KB)

Any fair association, amusement park, other organization or group desiring to conduct a supervised public display of fireworks shall file an application with the City Clerk for such a permit not less than 30 days in advance of the date of the display.

Printable Public Display of Fireworks Application(PDF, 130KB)

Any person, partnership, association or corporation desiring to obtain a fireworks sale permit shall file an application the City Clerk.

Printable Retail Sales of Display Fireworks Application(PDF, 161KB)

The Lakewood City Council passed Ordinance O-2019-2(PDF, 918KB) on June 28, 2019, adding a new Chapter 5.56 requiring lodging facilities to be licensed in the City of Lakewood.

New Application Information Sheet and Forms(PDF, 932KB)
Renewal Application Information Sheet and Forms(PDF, 746KB)
Manager Registration Form(PDF, 477KB)


Any business selling alcoholic beverages in the city of Lakewood must obtain a state liquor/beer license, a city liquor/beer license and must comply with Colorado Revised Statutes and the Lakewood Municipal Code.

All applications, forms, and information on Beer or Liquor licenses.

The Lakewood City Council passed Ordinance O-2022-8 on June 27, 2022 amending Title 5, Chapter 52. Requiring Massage Businesses and Massage Business Managers to be licensed in the City of Lakewood.






Medical marijuana businesses in Lakewood are licensed per Lakewood Municipal Code, Chapter 5.51.  The code provides for existing medical marijuana businesses to register a new manager, relocate their business, transfer their license or renew their license.  The code states no additional licenses will be issued.

To register a new manager, relocate, transfer or renew your existing license, the following applications must be completed and returned to the City Clerk's Office:

Medical Marijuana Business Renewal Application(PDF, 2MB)
Medical Marijuana Business Relocation Application(PDF, 2MB)
Medical Marijuana Business License Transfer Application(PDF, 2MB)
Manager/Individual Background Investigation Application(PDF, 86KB)

To apply for a Retail Marijuana License you must have a current Medical Marijuana Business License and be in Good Standing in the City of Lakewood.

Retail Marijuana License Application(PDF, 177KB)
Citizen Initiated Ordinance(PDF, 184KB)

For information, or to arrange an appointment to make changes to your current license, please contact the City Clerk's Office.
Medical Marijuana Licensing Specialist, Shannon Webster
Direct: 303-987-7085 | Email:

Colorado Department of Revenue - Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division
1707 Cole Blvd., Suite 300
Lakewood, CO 80401
Direct: 303-866-2274

Any person, partnership, association, or corporation desiring to use or operate any loudspeaker, public address system, or other sound amplifying equipment in or from a motor vehicle for either commercial or noncommercial purposes must first obtain a permit.

Printable Application(PDF, 92KB)

The Lakewood City Council adopted Ordinance O-2019-1(PDF, 751KB) requiring a retailer of non-cigarette tobacco products to obtain and maintain a valid license by March 2, 2019 pursuant to Chapter 5.06 of the Lakewood Municipal Code.

New Application Information Sheet and Application(PDF, 201KB)

Renewal Application Information Sheet and Application(PDF, 145KB)

License Transfer Information Sheet and Application(PDF, 145KB)

Report of Changes Form(PDF, 61KB)

A parade permit allows the applicant to conduct a parade or bicycle and pedestrian race on a city street.

Online Information and Application

Printable Application(PDF, 83KB)

It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to conduct the business of a pawnbroker with the City limits unless such person, firm, or corporation shall have first obtained a pawnbroker's license from the City of Lakewood. 

All of the following are printable applications:

Renewal Application(PDF, 826KB)

Manager Registration(PDF, 544KB)

Individual Background Application(PDF, 421KB)

Individual Out of State Background Application(PDF, 432KB)

Report of Changes(PDF, 252KB)

New License Application(PDF, 406KB)

Permits for film, photography and video productions within the City of Lakewood must be obtained at least 72 hours before activities begin. Generally a permit is not required for nature or portrait photographers, news media or general activities that do not impact the location. Fill out the online application or contact the City Manager's Office for information at 303-987-7050.

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