Block Party Permit

A block party permit allows the applicant to temporarily barricade a street.


Block Party Process

Gather a digital version of the additional documents that are required with the application

  • Map/drawing showing the area to be blocked off
  • Statement of permission from the people that live in the area where the block party is being held. Provide a list of handwritten signatures along with the address of each resident being blocked from vehicle access.

Step 1.Complete the application

Block Party Online Application

Step 2.Fee Required for Initial Application

  • $25 nonrefundable application fee
  • $5 permit fee

Step 3.Await the approval/disapproval

Your application is routed to Transportation Engineering and the Police Department for their approval. This routing process may take up to 10 days. You will be notified by the City Clerk’s Office of the approval/disapproval of the application.

Please note: If barricades are recommended by Transportation Engineering, you can contact a barricade company for further information. It is your responsibility to barricade the streets, not the City of Lakewood.