Community Plans

Lamar Street Station Area Plan Cover.


The City's Comprehensive Plan, implementation plans and citywide plans provide goals and action steps to enhance Lakewood's livability and to guide land-use decisions, sustainability and quality development in the city.

Envision Lakewood 2040

Throughout 2024 and 2025 Lakewood is updating the City's Comprehensive Plan.

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Comprehensive Plan 

Lakewood 2025: Moving Forward Together(PDF, 243MB)

The Lakewood Comprehensive Plan is an advisory document that guides the development and redevelopment of the city of Lakewood. The Plan contains a set of goals and action steps that provides guidance to the Planning Commission and City Council when making decisions. It is intended to improve and enhance the city's livability, economic viability, transportation and sustainability.

Comprehensive Plan Chapters:                                                                            

Acknowledgments(PDF, 97KB)

Chapter One: Introduction(PDF, 12MB)
  • Purpose of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Plan Organization
  • Planning Process and Community Input


Chapter Two: Background(PDF, 3MB)
  • History
  • Regional Context & Setting
  • Land Use
  • Demographics
Chapter Three: Moving Forward(PDF, 9MB)
  • Community Vision
  • Future Employment and Population Growth
  • Mile High Compact and Urban Growth Boundary
  • City Image, Character and Urban Design


Chapter Four: Lakewood Lives(PDF, 23MB)
  • Neighborhoods
  • Housing
  • Family Services
  • Historic Preservation
  • Arts and Culture
  • Parks, Trails & Recreation
  • Schools and Libraries
  • Public Services


Chapter Five: Lakewood Innovates(PDF, 119MB)
  • Citywide Economic Development Strategies
  • Growth Areas
  • Community Activity Areas
  • Neighborhood Activity Areas
  • Future Activity Areas
  • Industrial Areas


Chapter Six: Lakewood Moves(PDF, 24MB)
  • Multi-Modal Transportation System
  • Future Transportation Improvements
  • Complete Streets
  • Way-finding & Informational Sign Opportunities


Chapter Seven: Lakewood Sustains(PDF, 19MB)
  • City Leadership & Role
  • Air Quality & Climate
  • Water
  • Biodiversity, Natural Resources & Ecosystem Services
  • Energy in Built Environments
  • Waste


Chapter Eight: Implementation(PDF, 10MB)

Appendix: Glossary of Terms(PDF, 41KB)


Joint Master Plan 

A joint master plan is an adopted plan that is developed in partnership with multiple jurisdictions or parties.

Plan Rooney Valley(PDF, 8MB)
Joint Rooney Valley Development Standards(PDF, 2MB)