Memorial Trees and Benches

A tree at sunset. Photo by Kai Dörner via Unsplash.

The City of Lakewood has two memorial donation programs: a memorial tree planting program and a memorial bench program. Both programs offer unique opportunities to remember your loved ones and create a lasting tribute.

All donations are guaranteed for a period of ten years. During this time, the City will repair or replace the tree or bench when necessary. Donations are recognized by either placing a plaque on the bench, or placing the loved ones name on the Memorial Tree Planting Plaque which is located at the Lakewood Civic Center outside the City Council Chambers, at the Lakewood Civic Center.

If you would like more information or have questions regarding these programs, contact the City of Lakewood Parks Division at 720-963-5240.


Honor your loved one by purchasing a memorial tree which can be planted in almost any park within the Lakewood park system. 

Donation amounts range in price depending on the size and species of the tree desired. Staff foresters will assist you in selecting an appropriate tree species and planting location. Ceremonies you may wish to hold in association with the planting of the memorial tree can be coordinated in advance with city forestry staff.

To get started, fill out the online application. Contact the City of Lakewood Memorial Tree Program at 720-963-5246 with any questions.

Memorial Tree Application


The Memorial Bench Program allows individuals to purchase a memorial bench to be placed at a park.

If interested or for more information, please contact the City of Lakewood Parks Department at 720-963-5240.