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A patron uses ropes at the outdoor fitness pad.


With over 300 days of sunshine a year and a moderate climate, it's no wonder why Lakewood residents enjoy working out in the great outdoors.

Based on resident feedback, the city has made it a goal to provide increased and accessible outdoor fitness options. Lakewood is now proud to offer four outdoor fitness locations with a range of equipment.


Many options to choose from in Addenbrooke and Carmody Parks.
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Addenbrooke Park

The Fitness Court® at Addenbrooke ParkFitness court launch party.

Location: Addenbrooke Park | View Map
Cost: Free to use; fee for classes.
Features: Bodyweight circuit-training system. Shock-resistant sports flooring.
Workout Tutorials: View workout videos
Classes: Now offering Pulse fitness classes for a great full-body workout. 

In August 2019, the city installed a new outdoor Fitness Court® in Addenbrooke Park. Users of the Fitness Court can get a full-body workout in as little as seven minutes. Equipment is designed for a range of fitness levels and suitable for ages 14 and older. The fitness court app provides users with guided workouts and equipment orientation.

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Search for "Fitness Court" in the app store or follow these links:

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Workout Demonstration


Equipment Maintenance:

If you notice damage to the fitness equipment, please contact the Department of Community Resources at crinfo@lakewood.org.

Carmody Park

Outdoor Fitness Zone at Carmody Park

Three people use the fitness zone.

Location: Carmody Park | View Map 
Cost: Free
Features: A range of cardio, resistance and ab/core workout equipment. Some equipment is wheelchair accessible.
Training: View sample workouts via the demonstration video series below.

The Outdoor Fitness Zone at Carmody Park is strategically placed so that patrons will be able to supervise their children at the playground while simultaneously getting in a workout. The equipment was selected so that everyone, regardless of fitness level, will be able to get an effective workout.

Workout Demonstrations

Watch the video below to view a beginner, intermediate and advanced workout demonstration by a certified fitness instructor. Use the icon in the top left corner of the video screen to select a different video in the three part series. 


Equipment Maintenance:

If you notice damage to the fitness equipment, please contact the Carmody Recreation Center at 720-963-5360.

Carmody Rec Center

Outdoor Fitness Pad at Carmody Recreation Center

Two users utilize the fitness pad equipment.

Location: Carmody Recreation Center | View Map
Cost: Recreation center admission | View Pricing
Features: TRX®, resistance equipment and cardio equipment. Equipment includes a rowing machine, bike, ropes and half tire.
Training: Staff provide equipment orientations regularly. Sign up for one at the Carmody Recreation Center front desk. 

In May 2019, the city unveiled a state-of-the-art outdoor fitness area at Carmody Recreation Center. The fitness pad offers a variety of equipment, including a bike, rowing machines, a half-tire, ropes and TRX® suspension training equipment. 

Watch a Demonstration

Lasley Park

Fitness Court at Lasley Park

A patron uses a piece of equipment.

Location: Lasley Park | View Map
Cost: Free
Features: Cardio and strength equipment

In 2018, Lasley Park went through a major renovation, which included the addition of an outdoor fitness court. This fitness area is located directly across from the playground, making it a great option for parents or caregivers who need to monitor their children while getting a workout in.

Green Mountain (Coming Soon)

Coming soon

A Fitness Court® and multipurpose sport court will be installed outside of Green Mountain Recreation Center in August 2021. 

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