Tree branches hang over a river in Bear Creek Lake Park.

Report tree and shrub concerns

To report a concern, submit a query via Request Lakewood.

About Lakewood forestry

The City of Lakewood has been recognized as a Tree City USA each year for over 40 years and it's no mystery why. The city boasts an extensive park system and miles of urban forests lining city streets. Parks staff maintain over 10,000 trees within parks, 33,000 street trees, as well as trees located in the city's two public golf courses.

Front Range Tree Recommendation List(PDF, 1016KB)

Read through these Forestry FAQs to navigate tree and vegetation issues and concerns in Lakewood. 


Help! A branch or tree fell into the street and is blocking traffic, what do I do?

Submit a service request at

  • IF the tree is city property, Lakewood Forestry staff will remove it.
  • IF the tree is private property, it is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to clean it up.

Does Lakewood have a public dump for citizens to drop off limbs or brush?

No, not unless the city declares an emergency and opens a temporary dump site following a significant weather event.

However, Jefferson County has opened an additional site for residents including in Lakewood to dispose of slash at 151 S. Rooney Road. Known as Jeffco Tincup Slash, the facility accepts tree branches, woody debris, logs and pine cones, but it does not accept other yard waste such as leaves.

I have a tree issue in front of my house between the street and sidewalk, who’s responsible for it?

Citizens are responsible for maintaining landscaping behind the curb or apparent edge of asphalt.

I have a tree issue behind my house in a ditch, who’s responsible for it?

Contact the Public Works Maintenance Division at 303-987-7950 or submit a service request at

What steps can I take if I have wildfire concerns?

  • Visit for wildfire preparedness and fire mitigation information.
  • Any mitigation taken by the city will depend on the exact location and the condition of the vegetation.

Notices and Citations

I received a vegetation correction notice from the city, what do I do?

Read the specific instructions; you have 30 days to complete the requested work. After this time, if all of the requested work has not been completed the city will hire a licensed tree contractor to complete the requested work and hold the property owner responsible for all costs incurred. A certified letter will then be sent to the property owner giving them 30 days to pay in full or a lien will be placed on the property.

I received a vegetation correction notice from the city, who can I hire?

All forestry work for hire in Lakewood must be completed by a licensed and insured tree contractor. For a list of contractors, visit and visit the Tree Contractor Information page.

I received a vegetation correction notice from the city; can I perform the work myself?

Yes, if you are the property owner. However, tree work can be an extremely dangerous job and is best left to a licensed and insured tree professional.

Neighbor Vegetation Issues

My neighbor’s tree or branch is growing over my fence, what can I do?

Under common Law, a property owner has the legal right to trim vegetation up to the property line so long as the property owner does not enter a neighbor’s land or damage/destroy the vegetation being trimmed.

My neighbor has branches on the ground and is not cleaning them up, what can I do?

Contact Code Enforcement at 303-987-7566 or email them at

My neighbor has a dead/dying/declining tree/branch that I’m concerned about, what can I do?

  • Submit a service request at
  • If the Lakewood Forestry staff deem the situation as potentially hazardous, they will issue a vegetation correction notice to the property owner.

My neighbor has shrubs/tree branches low over the sidewalk or street, what can I do?

Submit a service request at

My neighbor has shrubs or trees obstructing visibility at an intersection, what can I do?

Submit a service request at

My neighbor has a cottonwood tree that keeps dropping cotton, what can I do?

  • IF the tree is alive, unfortunately there is nothing the city can enforce on this subject.
  • IF the tree is declining or has significant deadwood, submit a service request at



Contact Us

Our knowledgeable Parks Division staff can provide information regarding the topic listed below. To speak with a staff member, contact the Parks Division at 720-963-5240.

  • Insect and disease problems.
  • Tree selection, planting and maintenance.
  • Hazardous trees and tree inspections.
  • Arbor Day activities.
  • Locating a licensed arborist. 
  • Vegetation ordinance-related issues.