Tree Contractor Information

Any person or company performing tree work for hire within City of Lakewood limits is required to possess a Tree Contractor’s license. Licensing is administered through the Parks Division. 

Tree Contractor Application

Apply for a tree contractor's license:

To apply for a license, please follow these instructions. If you need assistance completing the application, please contact parks staff at 720-963-5240.

  1. Download and print the application packet(PDF, 589KB).
  2. Complete the packet and return it to the Department of Community Resources Parks and Forestry Division, located at 2775 S. Estes St., Lakewood, CO 80227.

List of Licensed Tree Contractors

List of Licensed Tree Contractors

The companies on this list have met the requirements for licensing by the City of Lakewood. Each has provided written documentation of minimum insurance in effect at the time of licensing.  We do not endorse any companies on the list. We do however, suggest that before you enter into any contractual agreement you obtain at least three written bids, check references and verify current insurance coverage.  

License Types

Arboriculture: This license includes trimming, spraying, removal, ornamental and evergreens.
Large Tree: This license includes trimming, removal, ornamental and evergreens.
Ornamental: This license includes any work that can be done without leaving the ground, evergreen trees, shrubs and small trees including planting, trimming and removal.
Spray License: A current pesticide applicator’s license issued by the Colorado Department of Agriculture is required. 

 Company Phone Number License Type
3 Generations Tree Service 303-550-5786 Large Tree
5280 Trees 720-577-5280  Large Tree
A Touch of Class Tree Service 303-274-8431 Arboriculture
AAA Emergency Tree Service LLC 303-623-6851 Large Tree
Abenaki Tree Service LLC 720-633-4094 Large Tree
Aesthetic Tree Service Inc. 303-756-8660 Large Tree
All Area Tree Care 303-341-1273 Large Tree
All Things Vertical LLC 720-523-5651 Large Tree
American Arbor Care Inc. 303-639-8584 Arboriculture
American Tree 303-456-6898 Arboriculture
ArborForce LLC 303-472-0192 Arboriculture
Arborlogical 720-739-8733 Arboriculture
Arbor Garden Tree & Landscape 303-722-8820 Arboriculture
Arbor Mountain Tree Experts 303-281-6205 Large Tree
Arbor Pro Tree Experts 303-935-0005 Arboriculture
Arbor Roots LLC 303-931-4639 Arboriculture
Arborist Alliance 303-423-8733 Arboriculture
Arborscape Inc. 303-795-2381 Arboriculture
Asplundh Tree Expert Company 303-215-1025 Arboriculture
Autumn Tree, Lawn, & Landscape 303-868-3164 Arboriculture
Bailey Tree LLC 720-940-6519 Arboriculture
Barlett Tree Experts 303-353-0520 Arboriculture
Bear Creek Landscaping & Tree Service 720-299-1409 Large Tree
Big Leaf Industries LLC 970-310-3736 Large Tree
Blue Treeper Arbor Care 303-578-2438 Large Tree
Cambium Tree Care Specialist LCC 720-347-2147 Large Tree
Canales Tree Service LLC 303-642-6465 Large Tree
Colorado Native Arbor Care LLC  303-709-5716 Large Tree
Colorado Tree Experts 303-232-0940 Large Tree
Colorado Trees 303-856-4285 Large Tree
Colorado Turf & Tree  303-238-7888 Large Tree
Columbine Tree Service Inc. 303-888-7779 Large Tree
Complete Tree Care Inc.  303-922-3337 Arboriculture
Cornerstone Tree and Landscape Services 303-718-9503 Large Tree
CTLS, Inc. 303-961-7360 Large Tree
Cypress Arboriculture 307-620-1192 Large Tree
Dandy Tree Care 651-434-2230 Large Tree
Denver Commercial Property Services 720-575-3277 Arboriculture
Deyvis Tree & Shrub Care LLC 720-224-8200 Large Tree
DLC Arbor Services 303-378-0000 Arboriculture
Donovan Arborist 303-623-8733 Arboriculture
Down to Earth Tree Specialist 303-547-4709 Large Tree
Dubois Tree Service 303-456-6678 Large Tree
Egart Tree Co. 303-819-3089 Large Tree
Enlightenment Tree Service LLC 303-731-9793 Large Tree
Environmental Designs 303-287-9113 Arboriculture
Environmental Tree Care LLC 303-368-8454 Arboriculture
Extreme Plant Care 303-995-9764 Large Tree
Fielding Tree & Shrub Care LLC 303-667-5004 Large Tree
 Fir Sure Arbor Pro LLC 720-545-4289  Large Tree
Forestry Tree Care 720-692-7304 Large Tree
G.R. Tree Service Inc. 720-296-1573 Large Tree
Gardner Turf & Tree 303-238-5296 Arboriculture
Gonzales Tree Service 970-846-1876 Large Tree
Great Western Tree Care LLC 720-535-8769 Large Tree
Green Forest Tree Service 303-396-0500 Large Tree
High Tie Tree Service  720-663-7446 Large Tree
Hills Tree & Shrub Care 720-448-1352 Large Tree
Ironwood Earth Care 303-366-3020 Arboriculture
J&J Tree Care LLC 303-753-0029 Arboriculture
James Tree & Shrub Care LLC 303-406-8828 Large Tree
Jones Tree & Lawn Inc. 303-431-8132 Arboriculture
K2 Tree Service LLC 973-919-8662 Large Tree
Lam Tree Service Inc. 303-674-8733 Arboriculture
Limb Walkers 720-298-5477 Large Tree
Lynn's Tree Service 720-366-3226 Large Tree
M&H Tree Service 303-639-9909 Large Tree
M&M Mowing Inc. 303-238-5703 Arboriculture
Majestic Tree Service & Landscaping LLC 720-231-5954 Large Tree
Maxium's Tree Service 303-906-9354 Large Tree
McGarva Tree Inc 303-674-1372 Arboriculture
Mile High Tree Care 303-292-9393 Arboriculture
Mortensen Tree Service Inc. 303-734-9320 Large Tree
My Denver Tree Service 303-984-9656 Large Tree
Northern Lights  720-203-3186 Large Tree
Northwest Services 720-628-9999 Large Tree
O'Brien Tree Care LLC 720-322-3084 Large Tree
Preservation Tree Care 303-761-1088 Arboriculture
Qualitree 303-974-0991 Large Tree
Quality Tree Service Inc. 303-798-4773 Arboriculture
Richis Tree Service LLC 303-901-3489 Large Tree
Robertson Tree Service 303-512-3144 Large Tree
Rocky Mountain Tree Care 303-431-5885 Arboriculture
Root Tree Service LLC 720-369-2963 Arboriculture
Ross Tree Company Inc. 303-871-9121 Arboriculture
Rowan Tree Care 303-242-9316 Large Tree
Rushton Tree Service 303-739-9000 Arboriculture
Sabell's Snow & Lawn Services Inc. 303-985-3272 Arboriculture
Sage Tree Care LLC 303-515-1185 Large Tree
SavATree LLC 303-232-0666 Arboriculture
Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care 303-279-1910 Arboriculture
Shady Tree Service 303-717-4622 Large Tree
Solstice Tree Care LLC 480-458-7381 Large Tree
Spartan Tree Care LLC 720-451-0699  Large Tree
Splintered Forest LLC 303-819-9840 Large Tree
Sunshade Tree Care LLC 303-472-2266 Large Tree
Super Trees Inc 303-515-1655 Large Tree
Tanglewood Tree & Lawn LLC 720-394-7580  Arboriculture
The Cutting Edge 720-275-5667 Large Tree
The Davey Tree Expert Company 330-673-9511 Arboriculture
The Natural Way  303-347-0988 Arboriculture
Urban Forest Services LLC 303-882-6981 Large Tree
Weston Landscape & Design Inc 303-944-7495 Arboriculture
Wilcox Services 720-427-6414 Large Tree
Wright Tree Service 303-654-1597 Arboriculture


Hiring a Tree Contractor

Tips for Hiring a Tree Contractor

  1. Check with the Parks Division about the license status of the person or company.
  2. Get more than one estimate.
  3. Ask for a written proposal that lists all the work to be performed including clean-up and hauling away of the tree debris.
  4. Beware of “door knockers” people who usually go door to door after storms as a way to earn quick money. They are typically non-professionals and not licensed. Most reputable tree companies have all the work they need without going door-to-door. Anyone can list themselves in a phone book or print flyers.
  5. Ask to see their proof of insurance coverage.
  6. Never be rushed by bargain prices or pay for tree work in advance. Common complaints received involve people who pre-pay for tree work and either the work is partially completed or never started. People who take money in advance rarely return phone calls.