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Citizens Police Academy

Do you want insight about how the Lakewood Police Department performs its duties, makes decisions and serves the community? Do you have an interest in learning more about police ethics, SWAT, gangs, traffic enforcement, narcotics, patrol procedures, K-9, crime scene investigations and more? Since its inception in 1989, the Citizens Police Academy has been successful in strengthening bonds between the community and the Police Department. The Academy reveals aspects of policing not generally known to the public, and it improves the understanding of what it's like to be a police agent.

Graduates of the academy may apply to assist the department in a variety of interesting efforts. Newly gained understanding of the Police Department will enable you to invest your energy and talent for the good of our community. For information regarding the class, please watch the video at the bottom of this page. 


The Citizen Police Academy will have a class held in the Fall of 2024.  Please check back later for updates on future classes.

Contact Information:

445 S. Allison Pkwy. Lakewood, CO 80226


Volunteering at the Lakewood Police Department:

Lakewood volunteers contribute an average of 14,000 hours each year, offering their energy and expertise every day to benefit the community.

Volunteers who join the Volunteer Support Team are active in all divisions of the department and perform a variety of tasks. Training requirements vary by position, many of which require volunteers to successfully complete the Citizen Police Academy Program.

Click below for to apply for the Volunteer Support Team and to view the guidelines for the team. 

Volunteer Support Team Application(PDF, 1MB)

Volunteer Support Team Guidelines(PDF, 1MB)

Volunteer Victim Advocates

Volunteer victim advocates are a valuable part of the Lakewood Police Department. Serving one or more shifts per month, volunteer advocates provide on-call response in person and by phone to support victims of crime and traumatic incidents. At the request of Lakewood Police Agents, advocates respond to crime scenes, homes, hospitals, businesses and other locations to provide emotional support, crisis intervention, criminal justice advocacy, resource referrals, and other services to those in need. More information about volunteering as a victim advocate.