Historic Preservation

The Stone House in Lakewood.

Although a relatively new city, Lakewood’s roots date back to the late 19th century when farming communities flourished. To preserve and promote this history, Lakewood adopted a Historic Preservation Plan(PDF, 3MB) and Ordinance(PDF, 539KB) that guide the preservation of the City’s history. Lakewood also complies with state and federal requirements to be a "Certified Local Government." This designation allows the City to apply for grants to support the preservation program and provides opportunities for Lakewood property owners to access state tax benefits for their investments in historic properties. Through the preservation program, the City can celebrate its past while achieving broader community objectives of neighborhood livability, sustainability, economic development and culture. 


Lakewood’s Historic Preservation Program is an important community asset that helps preserve local history through designation of landmarks and historic districts, and through other avenues that enrich the community’s culture. 

Properties in Lakewood can only be designated as a local landmark with owner consent. There are many benefits to doing so, including: 

  • Promoting civic pride and pride in one’s property
  • Promoting community sustainability and reuse of existing buildings
  • Becoming eligible for financial incentives including federal or state income tax credits to assist with rehabilitation expenditures

Additionally, multiple property owners could apply to designate their neighborhood as a historic district. For more information on criteria for local landmark designation, please visit the Local Landmark Applications page.

Historic Preservation Commission

Lakewood’s Historic Preservation Commission is appointed by City Council and is responsible for guiding the city’s preservation program. The Commission reviews local landmark designation applications and makes recommendations for designation to City Council based on criteria in the Historic Preservation Ordinance.

2023 Historic Preservation Commission Annual Report to City Council(PDF, 1MB)

Additional Resources

Historic Preservation FAQ Brochure(PDF, 3MB)
Tax Credit Information
Certified Local Government Information

For more information, please contact Matthew Seubert, staff liaison to the Historic Preservation Commission at 303-987-7527