Nutrition Services

An apple sits on a table with a measuring tape.

Interested in improving or simply reviewing your nutritional health? The city offers nutrition services with trained professionals at Carmody Recreation Center

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Nutrition Services


1.5 hour consultation
Cost: $55 Resident, $65 Nonresident 

Basic Package 
1 nutrition consultation + 2 training sessions
Cost: $125 Resident, $150 Nonresident

Wellness Coaching 
1 Individual Session: $49 Resident, $59 Nonresident
3 Individual Sessions: $105 Resident, $129 Nonresident

A wellness coach is a credential professional who works as a holistic partner in a client's journey to reach personal health and wellness goals. The focus can be on whatever the client would like, including but not limited to physical activity, healthy eating, weight loss or gain and stress management.


Call 720-963-5360 to get started. A wellness coach will contact you within 48 hours.