Dance Instructors

An instructor directs children during a dance recital.

Kevin Cruz Lucero - Kid Cruz

Kid Cruz was introduced to dance at a young age and stuck with it through the years. He learned from multiple world champions and leaders of the hip-hop community. Now it’s his passion! It has become his career to influence and inspire those around him especially the youth and at the same time preserve the true foundation of hip-hop culture. 

Ana Cruz

Ana Cruz is a passionate and dedicated circus performer based out of Boulder, Colorado. Her first contact with hula hooping was four years ago and has fallen in love with it as a form of self-expression, exercise and stress relief. In addition, she has taken a liking to fire performing and excels with props such as, fire hula hoops, fire fans, fire palm torches and fire-eating. Ana loves to dance in all genres and recently has been training in Tribal Fusion belly dance and also is diving headfirst into circus performance focusing on stilt walking and dancing. She aspires to learn all of the apparatuses and run away with the circus.

Dianne Losasso 

Dianne is a talented instructor, international performer and choreographer. She is the owner and manager of Dance Fusion International. She was a performing member of the renowned AVAZ International Dance Theater in Los Angeles and has appeared on TV and in instructional dance DVDs. Her five years of instructor training at Karen Lee Dance Studio, studying with internationally acclaimed dance performers, evolved into a 15-year career as a professional ballroom, Latin and swing instructor. Her background as a Middle Eastern dancer is even more extensive. She is a nationally known belly dance performer and instructor of 30 years. She is best known by her stage name, Dahlia

Lakken Medina

Lakken Medina is a recent graduate of New Mexico State University where she received her B.A. in dance. After graduating, Lakken decided it was time to move closer to home and relocated to the beautiful state of Colorado. Lakken received training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-hop, Tap, Flamenco, Ballroom, Creative Movement and Choreography. With a minor in counseling and educational psychology, Lakken is interested in the therapeutic properties of dance. She believes that every person should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and dance is just one of the many forms to do so.

María Cecilia Olano Sardi 

María’s first contact with dance is owed to Brazilian jazz where she acquired her first technical style and performed interpretation stage dancing both in theater and in television drama. She studied at the Martha Graham School where she worked with renowned choreographers and teachers including Martha Graham herself. She got her B.F.A. in dance at SUNY Purchase New York University. María was awarded her doctoral dissertation from Catholic University in Valencia, Spain, in January 2016.  

Jessica Riggs

Jessica graduated from Colorado State University with a B.A. in dance and a B.S. in dietetics. During college she had the opportunity to work with many well-known choreographers and teachers. Her own choreography was selected on multiple occasions for showcase in the CSU Fall and Spring Dance Concerts as well as for adjudication in the 2007 American Dance Festival.