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Coyote Gulch Park and ball field

The City of Lakewood offers athletic field, tennis court and basketball court rentals/reservations. View a list of parks with fields and courts below, then submit a reservation request. You may also call 303-987-4804 for assistance.




Step 1.Review parks with athletic fields and courts.

There are multiple parks throughout Lakewood that have reservable athletic fields and courts. Take a look through the list of them by following the link below.

View the Parks List

Step 2.Check the details.

Every park has different kinds of fields and courts available, from soccer fields to tennis courts.

Step 3.Fill out the reservation request form.

You'll be contacted by a representative within two business days regarding your request.

Reservation Request

Have additional rentals needs?

You can also reserve shelters in our parks.

Reserve a Park Shelter

Is this a special event that requires more than a simple field rental? Follow the link below.

Community & Special Event Application


A request form must be submitted online to make a reservation. If you have additional questions or would like assistance, please contact our Sports Coordinator at 303.987.4804. 


The Lakewood Recreation Division issues outdoor facility use permits at specified locations throughout the city. A permit is required for all organized events at city facilities, with permits issued using the following priority schedule:

  • Priority Group 1: City of Lakewood and City of Lakewood affiliates
  • Priority Group 2: Local Recognized Youth Sports Organizations (RYSO)
  • Priority Group 3: General requests

The deadline for requesting a field permit is at least five business days from the event date. Submission of a permit request does not guarantee a permit will be issued.


General park hours are as follows:

  • Monday – Sunday 8 a.m. – Dark


Fields with lights are available as follows:

  • Monday – Sunday 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.*

*The Lakewood Recreation Division reserves the right to schedule City of Lakewood Adult Sports Leagues past 10 p.m. should the need arise.


Field permits are issued under the following guidelines:

  • Permit requests require a two hour minimum requirement.
  • Full payment is due before a permit will be issued.

Reservation Type Category Hourly Rate *Daily Rate

Reservation Type Category Hourly Rate *Daily Rate
Athletic Fields RYSO $10-R

 Lakewood Residents/Non-Profits $25/hr  $200/day
Non-Residents $30/hr $240/day
Tennis Courts Lakewood Residents/Non-Profits $5/hr $40/day
Non-Residents $7/hr $56/day
Sand Volleyball Courts  Lakewood Residents/Non-Profits


 $7/court $56/court
   Non-Residents  $10/court  $80/court

*The daily rate will apply for any rental exceeding six hours, as such requests will prohibit other groups from permitting that area.


Additional Fees Hourly Rate

Additional Fees Hourly Rate
Field Preparation (Price is for each application) $50 per field
Lights $30 per field

All permit requests are final. Refunds will only be issued if the City of Lakewood closes fields due to weather and/or field maintenance issues.

Q: Does the city permit athletic fields for use by various groups?
A: The city does permit designated athletic fields, as well as tennis and sand volleyball courts, throughout Lakewood.

Q: How do I submit a field/court permit request? 
A: Click the Field Reservation Request button on the top of this page.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions regarding field/court permits?
A: You can direct all inquiries to

Q: How long does it take to process a field/court permit request?
A: We ask that you submit all requests at least ten business days in advance of the event date to allow time for the request to be reviewed by urban parks and recreation staff.

Q: What happens if my permit request is not approved?
A: You will receive notification from recreation staff regarding why your permit was not approved and what other options you have.

Q: How will I know that my request has been approved?
A: You will receive notification via phone or email that your permit request has been approved by the assistant facility specialist at the Charles Whitlock Recreation Center.

Q: How will I receive my permit once it has been approved?
A: You will receive a signed permit via email from the assistant facility specialist once payment has been submitted and processed.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: You can submit payment using any of the following methods:

  • Cash – payable at Charles Whitlock Recreation Center, 1555 Dover St., Lakewood, CO 80215
  • Check – payable to City of Lakewood and deliver to Charles Whitlock Recreation Center
  • Credit Card – the city accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover


The Lakewood Recreation Division issues field use permits at specified locations throughout the city using the following schedule:  

*Season Start Date Season End Date
Spring/Summer 1st Monday of March 1st week of June
Fall 1st Monday of August 1st week of November

*Seasons have been established to prevent overlapping of fields from season to season, maintain control over when seasons are designated for use by various sports, and to effectively monitor field conditions.

All events or organized activities occurring on city fields must be permitted through the City of Lakewood. Any event or organized activity occurring without a city issued permit will be asked to cease activities and leave the premises immediately and the violators will be subject to disciplinary action.



  • The permittee will designate one primary spokesperson responsible for communicating with city representatives.
  • The permittee will provide a designated adult supervisor onsite at all permitted activities.
  • Field/facility usage is defined by the city in the permit to ensure approved use is clearly outlined (e.g. dates, times, locations, etc.).
  • A separate permit is required for any dates/times outside of the initial permit.
  • The city field permitting liaison must approve all requests for permit extensions.
  • The permittee must have a copy of the permit on site throughout the duration of the permitted times.
  • The city will provide a staff member, either on-call or on-site, to act as a liaison during the hours permitted for daily rentals whenever possible.
  • The City of Lakewood and its employees/representatives are not responsible for loss or damage to any items or personal property brought to the park by the permittee and/or the permittees guests.
  • Any damage done to the permitted area and/or the commercial or residential buildings surrounding the permitted area during the permitted times is the sole responsibility of the permittee.
  • The permittee is responsible for the conduct of all of his/her guests.
  • All parties associated with the permittee must abide by the code of conduct and city ordinances, laws and rules applicable for public use and must be sensitive to other park users.
  • Violent and/or indecent behavior, including profane language, is prohibited on city property.
  • The permittee is expected to leave the permitted facility in the same condition as before use; normal wear and tear is accepted.
  • Subletting facilities is strictly prohibited.
  • No glass bottles are permitted on city property.
  • All trash must be collected and properly disposed of before leaving city property.
  • Vehicles of any kind are prohibited outside of parking areas.
  • Snowplows, snow blowers and shoveling of snow are prohibited on city property.
  • Failure to follow any of these or other city policies and procedures may result in fines, revocation of permits, or other legal ramifications as deemed appropriate by city staff.


  • The city may close a field at its sole discretion when the health and safety of the participants is in question due to field conditions.
  • The permittee is expected to refrain from using a field when any of the following conditions exist:
  • Standing water is present on any part of the playing area
  • Precipitation of ½ inch or more has fallen within the previous 24 hours
  • Steady rain is falling and/or the ground is saturated
  • Snow is sticking to or covers the ground (snow removal is prohibited)
  • Grass is sparse or field is badly worn
  • Frost is visible on the turf
  • Turf can be displaced or dislodged from the ground
  • Infields/dirt areas are muddy or dirt cakes or clings to shoes
  • Organizations failing to honor any field closures are subject to fines established to cover the cost of repairs and/or revocation of future field permit(s).
  • It is the responsibility of the permittee to know the status of any given field in order to ensure the safety of the participants within the organization/group (Weather Hotline: 303-987-7778).
  • An annual rest and renovation period is scheduled at all sites to maintain sustainability.


1) Portable Toilets

a) Written permission from the City of Lakewood field permitting liaison is required to place additional units at any location.

b) The permittee is responsible for both securing and paying for additional units once permission has been granted.

c) The permittee will reimburse the city any costs associated with damage due to the delivery, location, or removal of additional units.

2) Concessions

a) The city must approve any concession sales on city property.

b) City permits are required for designated locations throughout the city.

c) Concession permits will not be issued when the city has a concessions operation in place.

d) An appropriate, non-refundable daily fee, to be pre-arranged between the city’s field permitting liaison and any potential concessionaire, is required for all concessions on city property.


1) First Violation: Written notification of the policy infraction and possible fine.

2) Second Violation: Revocation of all permits and ban on permitting facilities in the future.


1) Provide written notice of the complaint to the city’s field permitting liaison.

2) City staff will review the concerns and decide on the most appropriate course of action.

3) City staff will contact all parties involved to ensure any concerns are resolved in a timely manner.


The City of Lakewood Community Resources Department supports and promotes an atmosphere of courtesy and consideration toward all individuals. Respectful behavior and interaction with others is expected of all patrons. Abusive behavior is not permitted in any city facility, activity, or program.

Any Community Resources employee designated by the community resources director or his/her designee shall be authorized to enforce this Code of Conduct along with any other rules and regulations applicable to the facility, activity, or program. Designees are also authorized and encouraged to dispatch the city’s police department any time patron or participant behavior is deemed to be in violation of the Community Resources Code of Conduct. Violators may be subject to a revocation of the privilege of using facilities or participating in activities or programs. Such determinations will be made according to the city’s exclusion procedures.


The City of Lakewood, Municipal Code 9.38, states smoking is not allowed:

  • Within 25 feet of an entrance to any facility
  • At facilities such as playgrounds, pools, athletics fields, or picnic shelters
  • At city events, festivals, or concerts
  • At transit stops

Thank you for refraining from smoking and helping to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke.


Lakewood Police Department Non-Emergency Line 303-980-7300

In case of an emergency, call 911 to reach the proper authority (Fire, Medical, Police, etc.)


Field Closures/Inclement Weather 303-987-7778

Recreation Coordinator-Sports 303-987-4804

Charles Whitlock Recreation Center 303-987-4800