Public Art

Flower sculpture.

Since the early 1990s, the City of Lakewood has welcomed installations of public art as a reflections of its identity as a cultural community and community pride.

This collection, now numbering more than fifty artworks, has been acquired primarily through partnerships and collaborations with nonprofit organization and business interests. Some of the artwork is also the result of innovative projects and generous donations. All contribute to the quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of Lakewood.

Art on the Commons

Art on the Commons is an annually rotating sculptural exhibition on Lakewood’s Civic Center Plaza. The artwork is sponsored by the Alameda Gateway Community Association and the SCFD.

Six sculptures are selected annually in the summer. These pieces are displayed in Lakewood’s City Commons (an urban plaza located between the Civic Center and the Cultural Center buildings) and other prominent City of Lakewood locations for one year.  

2022 Exhibit

Hand of Fate by Alex Barrett.


Hand of Fate

Alex Barrett

Flame Dance by Annette Coleman.


Flame Dance

Annette Coleman

Golden Expandus by Michael Mladjan.


Golden Expandus

Michael Mladjan

Summer Talk; Introverts Fable by Ed Haddaway.


Summer Talk; Introverts Fable

Ed Haddaway

Living in Spiritual Wonder by Sandy Friedman.


Living in Spiritual Wonder

Sandy Friedman

Abundance Tree by Charlotte Zink.


Abundance Tree

Charlotte Zink

Art in the Parks

Many of Lakewood's parks are home to beautiful public art pieces. View a list of parks with public art by visiting the park listings webpage.

View Park Listings

Public Art Master Plan

Public Art Master Plan

The creation of the Public Art Master Plan has involved collaboration between City staff, community organizations, business associations, property and business owners and managers, residents, and other stakeholders. The planning process involved working with these stakeholders to identify a vision and future direction for public art in Lakewood and to establish goals and action steps to implement the vision. A stakeholder steering committee guided the development of the plan. Public meetings and a community survey provided additional opportunities for community input.

The City Council adopted the Public Art Master Plan on July 8, 2013.

View the Master Plan(PDF, 3MB)

50th Anniversary Artwork

The City of Lakewood and the Heritage, Culture & the Arts Division are pleased to announce the completion of the public art project in celebration of Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary in 2019.

A view of the artwork. Echoes and Reflections

“Echoes and Reflections: Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary,” a large-scale installation of reflective metal sculptures by artist Collin Parson, stands at a site of historical significance in Addenbrooke Park for the community to enjoy. This public artwork celebrates Lakewood’s unique history and diverse residents, those that laid the foundation for incorporation and paved the way for the city’s robust cultural community that exists today. 

The selection process

A request for proposals was sent on July 16, 2018, which resulted in responses from artists from across the United States. After an extensive review process, including an online public voting platform and a public art selection panel, Lakewood’s public art committee selected Parson’s proposal. The artist’s passion for the project comes from his deep connection with Lakewood. Parson is a local arts administrator, artist, curator and designer who was raised in Lakewood and has enjoyed Addenbrooke Park throughout his childhood and as an adult with his wife and child. 

Combining history with art

Viewers admire the artwork.

The new artwork is installed on the site where the Addenbrooke family home, constructed in 1953, once stood near the corner of South Garrison Street and West Center Avenue. The home’s fireplace, which remains standing, includes stones collected from around the world by the Addenbrooke family. Parson’s artwork is inspired by the sense of inclusion and place metaphorically exemplified by this historical landmark.

“Echoes and Reflections” incorporates mirrored stainless steel in shapes that mimic the structure of the former home. “I hope to reflect the past and the present by recreating the echoes or fragments of the homestead, such as doors, corners and windows, that once stood as the Addenbrooke family home. By using mirror polished stainless steel, these elements would pay homage to the past, yet literally reflect the current environment and all the people who occupy it now and in the future,” said Parson.

Learn more and read a Q&A with the artist(PDF, 6MB)