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Online Application to Apply or Reapply for the Lakewood Advisory Commission


Printable Applications 
Board of Appeals Applications - New(PDF, 188KB) / Reappointment(PDF, 188KB)
Budget and Audit Board Applications - New(PDF, 242KB) / Reappointment(PDF, 191KB)
Design Review Commission Applications - New(PDF, 254KB)
Historic Preservation Commission Applications - New(PDF, 264KB) / Reappointment(PDF, 200KB)
Judicial Review Commission Applications - New(PDF, 233KB) / Reappointment(PDF, 184KB)
Lakewood Advisory Commission Applications - New(PDF, 289KB) / Reappointment(PDF, 195KB)
Noxious Weed Local Advisory Board Applications - New(PDF, 239KB) / Reappointment(PDF, 202KB)
Planning Commission Applications - New(PDF, 273KB) / Reappointment(PDF, 223KB)
Victim Assistance Compensation Board Applications - New(PDF, 235KB) / Reappointment(PDF, 186KB)