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Updated April 30, 2021


Historic Preservation Commission

This commission has one opening for a four-year term which expires on March 31, 2025. Applicants must demonstrate a competency in historic preservation by having a background in architecture, history, urban planning, building trades, real estate or related fields. The commission conducts public hearings on applications for landmark designation, reviews alteration certificates and applications for relocating historically designated structures and makes recommendations to the City Council. The commission must meet four times a year. To apply visit:

Deadline to apply: Until filled

Lakewood Advisory Commission (LAC): The LAC currently has several openings for unexpired terms.  Members of the LAC serve in an advisory role to the Lakewood City Council. In this advisory role, LAC members research specific issues or topics of interest to the citizens of Lakewood and make recommendations to City Council regarding those issues for potential action. Members should plan to attend a minimum of two meetings a month; a Full Commission Meeting and a committee meeting. Applicants must attend both an LAC full commission meeting and an individual committee meeting before submitting an application. To apply visit:

Deadline to apply: Until filled

Noxious Weed Local Advisory Board: This Board has one opening which expires on May 31, 2022.  The Noxious Weed Local Advisory Board is an independent entity responsible to the City Council charged with reviewing and approving noxious weed management plans that are generated based on complaints received from adjacent property owners. It is not a board with the responsibility to review or approve City of Lakewood operational weed management plans implemented on publicly owned property. Meetings are held as needed. Typically, the Noxious Weed Local Advisory Board meets one to three times a year for approximately two hours. Members must be qualified by experience and training to pass upon matters pertaining to landscaping, agriculture, and natural resource management.  To apply visit:

Deadline to apply: Until filled


Lakewood boards and commissions are volunteer positions. Applications for all boards and commissions are accepted year round and kept on file for one year.


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