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Updated March 17, 2021

Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals, a quasi-judicial body, hears and decides appeals from any order (or the failure to issue an order when one is called for), requirement, decision or determination made by the Codes Administrator, his/her authorized representatives or other administrative official in any of the following areas:

1) to determine the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction;
2) to review all provisions of the Building and Construction Code;
3) to conduct appellate hearings in cases of denial, revocation or suspension of a license, and to advise the Codes Administrator on all matters related to licensing;
) to review changes in the Building Code and advise City Council with respect to desirability and necessity for any such changes;
5) to receive proposals for amendments to the Building Code and make recommendations to the City Council in respect thereto;
6) to maintain contacts with the fire districts in Lakewood and the Police Department in order to receive their recommendations for amendments to the Building Code;
7) To call upon and receive expert opinions with respect to the broad spectrum of building matters, particularly as it relates to proposed amendments to the Building Code.

Decisions of the Board of Appeals may be appealed to the Jefferson County District Court, if filed within thirty days following the mailing of any order or decision of the Board.

Deadline to apply: April 21, 2021 by 5 pm 

Historic Preservation Commission 

The City of Lakewood will has one opening on the Historic Preservation Commission.  The openings are for a four-year term that will commence on April 1, 2021.  Applicants are not required to be Lakewood residents; however, they must have a demonstrated interest in, competence with, or knowledge of, historic preservation.  Additionally, members should be a professional in a preservation-related discipline such as: architecture, landscape architecture, history, American studies, American civilization, cultural geography, cultural anthropology, urban planning.  Members shall be selected, as much as possible, from related disciplines such as the building trades, cultural geography, cultural anthropology, real estate or law, or should reside within a designated historic district.

The Historic Preservation Commission conducts public hearings on applications for landmark designation and makes recommendations to the City Council.  The Historic Preservation Commission also conducts alteration certificate review and applications for the relocation of designated structures.  The recommendations made by the Historic Preservation Commission are based on the criteria outlined in Title 17, Article 11 of the Lakewood Municipal Code.  The Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for drafting by-laws, operating policies and other rules of procedure, preparing an annual report to City Council and attending yearly educational sessions, as well as other duties as identified in the Lakewood Municipal Code  Meetings are held when the commission has an item for consideration, with a minimum of four meetings per year.

Deadline to apply: April 21, 2021 by 5 pm  

Lakewood Advisory Commission: 
The Lakewood Advisory Commission currently has several openings for unexpired terms.  Members of the commission serve as advisors to the Lakewood City Council. In this role, members research specific issues or topics of interest to the citizens of Lakewood and make recommendations to City Council regarding those issues for potential action. Members should plan to attend at least one meeting a month. Applicants must attend both a virtual full commission meeting and a virtual individual committee meeting before submitting an application. Visit for more information.

Deadline to apply for June 1, 2021 appointment: April 21, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. 

For additional information, or to request a form if you are unable to complete the online application, contact the City Clerk's Office at 303-987-7080 or

Noxious Weed Local Advisory Board: One opening currently exists on the City of Lakewood’s Noxious Weed Local Advisory Board. The opening is for a partial three-year term that began on June 1, 2019 and ends on May 31, 2022. The Noxious Weed Local Advisory Board is an independent entity responsible to the City Council charged with reviewing and approving noxious weed management plans that are generated based on complaints received from adjacent property owners. It is not a board with the responsibility to review or approve City of Lakewood operational weed management plans implemented on publicly owned property. Meetings are held as needed. Typically, the Noxious Weed Local Advisory Board meets one to three times a year for approximately two hours. Members must be qualified by experience and training to pass upon matters pertaining to landscaping, agriculture, and natural resource management.
Deadline to apply: April 21, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Lakewood boards and commissions are volunteer positions. Applications for all boards and commissions are accepted year round and kept on file for one year.