Lakewood Reinvestment Authority Areas

Reinvestment Areas

Since its inception in 1997, the Lakewood Reinvestment Authority (LRA) has established three reinvestment areas. Within these, the LRA has carried out multiple redevelopment projects that have produced vibrant new places and spaces to enhance what makes Lakewood a great city. 

A reinvestment area can only be established after: 

1. A conditions survey/blight study has been conducted showing that the proposed area has sufficient factors of blight,
according to Colorado State Statute 31-25-1, and, 
2. the Lakewood City Council has adopted, through public hearing, a redevelopment plan for the proposed area.

Lakewood Reinvestment Areas

West Alameda Avenue Corridor Reinvestment Area has been a major catalyst in transforming land creating a true downtown in Lakewood. Since its designation, the LRA has helped bring a number of reinvestment projects to fruition. Projects in this area include Belmar, Home Depot, All-Star Park and Lakewood City Commons. Other than Belmar, none of these projects used tax increment financing. 

The Colfax-Wadsworth Reinvestment Area
 is an area once occupied by a Kmart. This high-traffic retail site sat vacant for 10 years due to challenges associated with fractured ownership and drainage issues. These challenges were overcome in 1999 when the site was designated as an urban renewal area. The project in this area is the Creekside Shopping Center. 

West Colfax Avenue Corridor Reinvestment Area was adopted by City Council resolution in 2005. The area spans from Sheridan Boulevard to Simms Street, mainly following the commercial properties that front Colfax. The stretch also includes some areas near future light rail stations. The project in this area is the Station Betterment Project. 

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West Alameda Corridor Reinvestment Area

The West Alameda Avenue Corridor reinvestment area, located in central Lakewood, has been a major catalyst in transforming and creating a true downtown in Lakewood. Most of the West Alameda corridor, including the site where the City offices now stand, was designated as a reinvestment area (Phase I) in 1998. Since the area’s designation, the LRA has helped bring a number of redevelopments projects to fruition, such as Home Depot, Coca-Cola All Star Park and Lakewood City Commons, though none of these used tax increment financing. 

The reinvestment area was amended in 2000 to include the site of the former Villa Italia Mall (Phase II), now the site of Belmar. 

Reinvestment Area Summary

Acres 589
Year Adopted 1998 - Phase 1
2000 - Phase 2
 Year Increment Capture is Complete

2023 - Phase 1
2025 - Phase 2

 Current Project Belmar


Colfax-Wadsworth Reinvestment Area

The Colfax-Wadsworth reinvestment area was designated in 1999 as a reinvestment area, and the Creekside project was deemed an urban renewal project the same year. The district is located at the northeast corner of West Colfax Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard. Once occupied by a Kmart, this site sat vacant for 10 years due to challenges associated with multiple ownership and drainage issues, despite its potential as a location with high vehicle traffic. When the area was designated as a reinvestment area, tax increment financing was used to overcome these challenges, and the site was redeveloped as Creekside Shopping Center. Creekside is now home to a 220,000 square-foot Super Wal-Mart and five pad sites, including 37,000 square feet of shops which range from restaurants to small service retail stores. 

This project has spurred adjacent development, such as Home Depot and Colfax Central.

Reinvestment Area Summary

Acres 32
Year Adopted 1999
Year Increment Capture is Complete 2024
Current Project  Creekside Shopping Center

West Colfax Avenue Corridor Reinvestment Area 

Established in 2005, the West Colfax Avenue Corridor Reinvestment Area encompasses an area of 813 acres, primarily commercial, along West Colfax Avenue from Sheridan Boulevard to Simms Street. The stretch includes some areas near future light rail stations. This designation resulted from Lakewood residents' demands that the City take action to improve West Colfax Avenue. 

The Station Betterment project, found within this reinvestment area, was designated in 2008, and allows for funding improvements to light rail stations at Wadsworth Boulevard and Oak Street. 
The West Colfax Avenue Corridor reinvestment area stems from the West Colfax Citizen’s Advisory Committee, which spent more than 18 months examining issues along Colfax, ultimately recommending adoption of the West Colfax Avenue Corridor redevelopment plan. The plan contains specific citizen ideas that provide added protections for private property owners while recognizing that eminent domain might be appropriate or necessary under some circumstances. The plan also includes a list of objectives for the area by which all future projects will be considered. This area designation allows for projects to be developed using urban renewal tools, such as special financing mechanisms. 

Several private redevelopment projects have been built in the West Colfax Avenue Corridor reinvestment area which did not require urban renewal assistance. Colfax Central, on the northwest corner of Colfax and Wadsworth, was built in an art deco style in 2005 with six restaurants and stores that include Qdoba, Starbucks and a dental office. Also in 2005, Home depot launched construction of a new store on a 9.2-acre site along Colfax.

Reinvestment Area Summary

Acres 813
Year Adopted 2005
Year Increment Capture is Complete 2030
Current Project Station Betterment Project