Lakewood Reinvestment Authority Projects

Reinvestment Projects

A redevelopment project typically occurs when the Lakewood Reinvestment Authority (LRA) partners with the private sector for redevelopment of a specific location within a reinvestment area.

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Creekside Project

Creekside showing Walmart
The Creekside Shopping Center has created a ripple of improvements at the major intersection of Colfax Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard, which accomplishes one of the main objectives of any reinvestment plan. Creekside replaced a long-abandoned storefront with an attractive area of commercial activity, which spurred other companies and developers, such as Home Depot and the developer of Colfax Central, to build and revitalize along West Colfax Avenue. 

An impact study shows that in 2008 alone Creekside produced $6.8 million in economic and fiscal benefits for the local economy, including $1.2 million in net revenues for the city. Creekside draws employees and shoppers from outside Lakewood to spend money, and it shows in sales tax revenue generated from this site.  The Creekside project was designated an urban renewal project in 1999 to address a site that contained a Kmart building that sat vacant for 10 years due to challenges associated with multiple ownership and drainage issues. Creekside is now home to a 220,000 square-foot Super Walmart and 49,000 square feet of additional retail and service buildings. 


Project Summary

Acres 32
Retail 266,000 square feet
Employment 610


Alameda Streetscape Project

Construction began April 2018 on the Alameda Streetscape Project along Alameda Avenue between Sheridan Boulevard and Carr Street. The project includes widening portions of Alameda Avenue, adding sidewalks (including Teller Street), landscaped medians and place-making elements; installing trees and aesthetic features such as flagstone accents; and making other improvements. 

These place-making improvements will bolster the economic vitality of the Alameda corridor in Lakewood, helping to produce continuing benefits to the local economy -- helping brand the Alameda Corridor as a wonderfully designed, efficient area where businesses thrive. Motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and mass transit users will also find the corridor more inviting and usable.


Crews will be widening the roadway to accommodate landscaped island medians, sidewalks, curb and gutter, tree planting, landscape/irrigation and aesthetic features such as flagstone monuments, a new mast arm signal at Teller Street and street lighting.

Construction Hotline: 303-738-5122 

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The project is overseen by the Lakewood Reinvestment Authority (LRA). Lakewood voters created the LRA in 1997 to encourage reinvestment in specific areas of the city to ensure their economic strength. In October 2017, the LRA approved the funding for the Alameda Streetscape Project's three areas, and the Project aligns with improvements noted in the City’s Downtown Lakewood Connectivity and Urban Design Plan as well as with Lakewood’s Comprehensive Plan.

The LRA has contracted with American Civil Constructors LLC to deliver three key areas of roadway and landscape improvements:

  1. West Alameda Avenue from South Carr Street to South Pierce Street
  2. West Alameda Avenue from South Harlan Street to South Benton Street
  3. South Teller Street from West Alameda Avenue to West Bayaud Place. 

With these three areas, the Alameda Streetscape Project will bolster economic vitality, enhance community identity, improve safety and produce continuing benefits for the local economy. 

Drawing of stone wall feature with the words Lakewood, Downtown and the city logo.
Placemaking element - Alameda and Wadsworth

Drawing of a rock wall with the words Welcome to Lakewood and the City logo

Placemaking element - Alameda and Benton

Map showing Carr to Pierce St and Teller to Bayaud
Reconstruction Areas: West Alameda Avenue from South Carr Street to South Pierce Street and South Teller Street from West Alameda Avenue to West Bayaud Place

Map showing Harlan to Benton

Reconstruction Area: West Alameda Avenue from South Harlan Street to South Benton Street

Belmar Project


Belmar, Phase II of the West Alameda Avenue Corridor reinvestment area, is becoming downtown Lakewood. The site where Villa Italia, a traditional indoor mall that grew to 1.4 million square feet, existed for 35 years has become one of the premier redevelopment projects in the country. 

Belmar combines retailers, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, theatres, offices, residences, artist studios, parks and plazas; all within 22 city blocks. The development includes approximately 5,000 parking spaces in public parking garages, surface lots and street parking. Catering to the urban lifestyle, Belmar's streets, green areas and public art program are designed to encourage pedestrian traffic, promote community building and emphasize the importance of public spaces. The first phase of this $750 million plus project opened in May 2004. Currently, there are more than 80 shops and restaurants open in the development, which includes anchors Target, Best Buy, Nordstrom Rack, Dick's Sporting Goods, Whole Foods Market and Century Theatres. Belmar is also home to luxury condos, two educational facilities, more than 250,000 square feet of office tenants and Lucky Strike Lanes. Belmar’s mix of commercial and residential offerings continues to evolve. 
The LRA partnered with Continuum Partners in the redevelopment of Belmar providing financial support for public improvements, such as sidewalks, streetlights, parks and parking structures. 


Acres 104 acres / 22 city blocks
Retail  80-plus stores
888,000 square feet
92% leased
 Parking  Approx. 2,500 public structured spaces
Approx. 2,000 surface spaces
 Residential 833 units
38% owned, 62% rental
 Office  248,250 square feet
100% leased
 Employment 2,500


Station Betterment Project

The Station Betterment project, found within the West Colfax Avenue Corridor reinvestment area, was designated in 2008. It allows for the funding of improvements to light rail stations at Wadsworth Boulevard and Oak Street. Station improvements include expanded shelter areas, increased seating, native materials and unique designs. Construction of the betterments was completed with the opening of the West Rail Line in April 2013. 

The Station Betterment project was vetted through a citizens’ advisory group, comprised of community members who made an official recommendation to the LRA Board of Commissioners to designate it as an urban renewal project. The project is intended to protect light rail commuters from the elements, increase aesthetic views and attract development.  The project is designed to announce to commuters their arrival into Lakewood, help establish an identity for the city, while reflecting the uniqueness of the community. Station improvements will contribute to future reinvestment potential in the W light rail area.

Lightrail cover at Wadsworth Station  
Wadsworth Station Bridge Betterments (photo credit: RTD)

Oak St NB1.jpg
Oak Street Station Betterments

Project Summary

Locations Wadsworth Station and Oak Station
Scope Station Improvements
Improvements  Upgraded design
Additional canopy protection from elements
Greater illumination 
Upgraded windscreens and benches
Sustainable features
Upgraded landscaping