Stormwater Management Utility

Every property in Lakewood regardless of location contributes to storm runoff from roofs, driveways, parking lots and other hard surfaces.

Runoff must be managed to reduce the following actions:

  • Protect lives
  • Decrease frequency and severity of flooding
  • Reduce damage to homes, businesses and private property
  • Protect roads, recreational trails, parks and other community assets that can affect everyone in the city when damaged or destroyed
  • Remove the 100 year flood plain from around numerous properties.
  • Provide better environment for businesses and others to invest in properties in Lakewood

All Lakewood property owners pay an annual service charge to the city’s Stormwater Management Utility to maintain, repair and improve the stormwater drainage system – what residents often think as the storm sewer. The utility also works to identify and eliminate sources of pollution entering the drainage system.

Project Example

The regional Mile High Flood District rehabilitates some stormwater drainage locations within Lakewood. The district created the short video below about a recently completed project in Lakewood, featuring one of the neighboring property owners.

New rates for 2024
A new rate will be reflected on the annual bills for the service charge beginning in 2021.

Single-family homeowners: $49.92 per year

Commercial property owners: Get an estimate of your 2021 annual bill by calling 303-987-7615.

The rate will be increased based on inflation each year.

Current Stormwater Utility Information

Stormwater Management Utility Annual Report(PDF, 15MB)

Stormwater service charge payment information

Rates and Charges

REPORT SPILLS OR ILLEGAL DUMPING into stormwater drainage system

Call 303-980-7300

 Stormwater Maintenance

The Public Works Maintenance Division maintains most storm drains, pipes, culverts and ditches throughout Lakewood.  This maintenance includes routine cleaning and repairs.  In most cases, property owners are responsible for maintaining storm systems and drainage items on private property.  

For assistance with maintenance or to report a blockage please call 303-987-7949 or visit Request Lakewood

Emergency Assistance After Hours

For after-hours emergencies, call 303-980-7300.