Quail Street Recycling Center


1068 Quail St.  

Access the center by driving northbound on Quail Street.

We accept sorted, clean, dry cardboard boxes, scrap metal, aluminum beverage cans, paper, glass bottles and jars, and plastic bottles. 

Recycling is free and open to everyone, but donations help sustain the center.

Recycling Guide(PDF, 75KB)

Plastics accepted(PDF, 1MB)

Additional Recycling Resources(PDF, 101KB) 

Before You Arrive

  • Center accepts recycling volume contained in a standard car or small pickup.
  • No trailers are allowed.
  • Sort your recyclables before arriving.
  • Cardboard must be clean, dry, flat and three feet by five feet or smaller. Cardboard ½ -inch thick or thicker must be cut, not folded, to three feet by five feet or smaller before arriving at center. 



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