Project Benefits


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Mitigating flooding issues along North Dry Gulch is about protecting businesses, residents and visitors using the West Colfax corridor, improving Lakewood's infrastructure and supporting the city's future. When stormwater floods a city street, it affects everyone who uses that street to get around town. When flooding forces a business to close, it harms the local economy, damages small business owners and deprives patrons of that business.

This project will accomplish the following:

  • Replace inadequate storm sewer systems with a larger underground pipe known as a conduit capable of conveying water in a 100-year storm event.
  • Direct storm runoff into the underground system, minimizing damage often caused by runoff flowing across streets and through parking lots.
  • Protect the city's roads, parks, recreation center, and other public facilities.
  • Minimize the economic impact associated with the loss of local businesses.
  • Improve redevelopment opportunities on West Colfax Avenue by removing or reducing the floodplain on multiple properties.





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