Adopt-A-Street Program

Adopt-A-Street sign

The City of Lakewood's Adopt-a-Street program allows citizens, businesses and community groups to perform a valuable community service by adopting sections of a street to keep clear of debris and litter. The program is open to any Lakewood family, business, community or service group that can demonstrate a sufficient number of members and a willingness to accept responsibility for adopting a street for at least one year.  The city will provide safety vests, work gloves and garbage bags for all participants. 

To participate, an adopting group must:

  • Complete the city's Adopt-A-Street application.
  • Discuss with city staff which segments of road are available for adoption.
  • Agree to perform a cleanup at least once per quarter.
  • Require all participants to wear orange safety vests and gloves during the cleanup.

 To learn more please contact us at 303-987-7965 or at

 The city has established an Adopt-A-Street Program whereby citizen groups can adopt segments of city streets for trash removal and cleanup purposes.  Below is an outline of how the program works:

  1. Community groups such as church organizations, service clubs, schools, etc., enter into an agreement with the city to adopt a segment of street for trash removal purposes. 
  2. The city posts signs on either end of the street segment recognizing the group. These signs can easily be converted to safety signs.
  3. Groups pick up trash along their street segment every month or so, in good weather. (Minimum of once a quarter).
  4. The city provides trash bags, gloves and safety vests to the group on their pickup day. The city also picks up and disposes of the filled trash bags.
  5. Street segments eligible for adoption are collector and arterial streets, and the segments are typically about a mile in length.
  6. The minimum adoption period is one year.
  1. Always wear the safety vests and gloves provided.
  2. Keep away from the traveled road.
  3. If you have children with you, please make sure they are supervised at all times. Strongly encourage kids not to pick up sharp objects unless supervised.
  4. When leaving trash bags to be picked up, place them in an area that is safe for a vehicle to pull over and pick it up.
  5. If your area has trash pick up signs posted; please use them during the pick up time. (Streets four blocks or longer typically have signs posted.)
  6. If any needles are found please do not attempt to pick them up. Call 303-987-7949 and describe what you have found as well as the location. The city will send someone to dispose of them properly.
  7. Don't pick up or handle dead animals. Please call 303-987-7960 to report them.