Search Permit Inspection History

Inspection results remain on the website for 90 days following the inspection.  For an inspection time window or older results, please call 303-987-7500.

For information about an inspection that failed, check the correction notice at the job site. 

Inspection Requests

To request a Building Inspection including plumbing, electrical, mechanical, call the automated number, 303-987-7768, and follow instructions.

The order in which inspections should occur is listed on the back of the inspection card you received when your permit was issued. See copy here(PDF, 72KB). Inspections vary by permit, meaning all inspections listed on the card are not required with every permit.

The inspection line is automated and is conducted by touch tone phone. Call 303-987-7768 to request an inspection.

Be prepared to input the following information while on the inspection line: 
  1. Enter permit number (only the numbers between the asterisks)
  2. Enter contractor number, or "0" (zero) for permits issued to owner
  3. Enter inspection type. Inspection types.(PDF, 7KB)

The request line will provide a confirmation for the type of inspection requested, but does not provide a confirmation number. Inspection requests made on the automated line before 7 a.m. on a work day are performed the same day.

To request an Engineering inspection contact 303-987-7500.

To request a Zoning inspection contact the Planner at 303-987-7505.


Electrical inspections will verify compliance with Colorado Revised Statutes sections 12-23-105 and 12-23-110.5 regarding licensure and ratio of registered apprentices to each licensed electrician on the job site. The review will occur at the initial electrical inspection or any subsequent inspection on projects with more than one required inspection.