Drinking Water Utility

Sink faucet with running water.


Summer Water Rules

Water is always a limited, precious resource in semi-arid Colorado. Conserving water not only saves you money, it's just the right thing to do.

Denver Water sells water to nearly 20 water providers within Lakewood, serving more than 143,000 residents. These providers generally follow Denver Water's rules.

Your water provider may impose more restrictive rules and may levy fines for violations of the rules. If you have questions about the rules and possible fines that apply to your water use, contact your water provider. Input your address into the My Neighborhood portal to find your provider.

Water Service 

A Water Service Availability Certificate(PDF, 455KB) must be completed for all new buildings in the City.

Water and Sewer Providers(PDF, 104KB)

Water Districts Map(PDF, 341KB)

To apply for a new water service tap, contact your water provider.  If Lakewood is your provider, please call 303-987-7500.

To contact the Lakewood Water Utility call 303-987-7615.

Drinking Water Maintenance 

Within the City of Lakewood service area, the Public Works Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining the water mains and water service lines from the mains to the meter pits. The city also maintains the meter pit and all its hardware. 

Property owners are responsible for maintaining water service lines from the meter pit to the building. For assistance with water system maintenance or to report water leaks in the city system, please visit Request Lakewood.

Emergency Assistance After Hours

For emergency assistance after hours, please call 303-980-7300. 

Water & Sewer Claim Policy

See our claims policy(PDF, 320KB) regarding water main breaks and sewer backups.

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