Wood Burning and Smoke Issues

No smoking decal

Smoking and Businesses

Businesses are required to post a sign at all public entrances stating that smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of the entrance. Download the sign here(PDF, 138KB).

The ordinance allows smoking in outdoor areas of any business, including golf courses and patios of restaurants. All businesses are still subject to the 25-square-foot “smoke-free” perimeter around public entryways. However, if a restaurant has a patio that is within the 25-square-foot entryway, smoking will still be allowed on that patio. To report an issue with smoking at a business, call Code Enforcement at 303-987-7566.

Smoke-Free Areas Created

The law requires city owned playgrounds, swimming areas, skate parks, athletic fields, picnic shelters, tennis courts and similar locations in outdoor areas of city parks as well as festival grounds or places for city events and outdoor concerts to be smoke-free. It also creates smoke-free transit stops, such as light rail platforms and bus stops. To make a report of smoking in progress, call non-emergency dispatch at 303-980-7300.

Wood Burning/Smoke Issues 

Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, chimeneas and other recreational fires are popular backyard amenities. Outdoor recreational fires are allowed if they follow these rules:

  • Fire pits must be a minimum of 25 feet from structures (including fences, decks, sheds) or combustible material.
  • Commercially purchased portable devices must be a minimum of 15 feet from structures or combustible material and used according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • Burn only firewood, with a fire pile no bigger than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.
  • Anything bigger or involving other materials is a violation unless approved by a permit from West Metro Fire Rescue.
  • Fires must be attended to at all times.
  • Fires must be extinguished with a fire extinguisher, water, dirt or other proper materials.
  • If talking to a neighbor does not resolve a smoke issue and you believe there is improper burning, contact West Metro Fire Rescue at 303-989-4307. For more information, search “fire pits” at WestMetroFire.org.
  • If trash is being burned in outdoor fire pits, please call Jefferson County Environmental Health Services to report your concern 303-271-5700.


Winter No Burn Days

  • On or after Jan. 1, 1993, any new or remodeled fireplace to be installed shall be one of the following: A gas appliance, an electric device or a fireplace or fireplace insert that meets emission standards for wood stoves established by the Air Quality Control Commission.
  • Between Nov. 1 and March 31, the City enforces EPA wood-burning restrictions. It is unlawful for any person to operate a solid fuel burning device during a high pollution day unless an exemption has been granted pursuant to section 8.12.040 in the Lakewood Municipal Code. Report illegal wood burning on a no burn day by calling Code Enforcement at 303-987-7566.
  • For air quality conditions and no burn day information, call the Colorado Department of Health’s 24-hour line, 303-758-4848.

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