Overgrown Weeds

A home with overgrown weeds.

As stated in the ordinance, residents are required to mow their lawn on a regular basis. Grass and weeds cannot exceed a height of six inches on residential or commercial property and 12 inches on a vacant lot. Property owners are also required to maintain the area between their property line and the street.

Overhanging Trees and Bushes

Street signs, sidewalks and streets must be kept free of obstructions such as trees and bushes.
To report a concern, please contact the forestry department at 720-963-5240 or report online.

Invasive Weed Management

The two noxious plants listed below have been found in the city. 

Myrtle Spurge

This fairly common plant was historically sold at nurseries as ground cover; however, due to its invasive nature, it is now identified by the state of Colorado as a noxious weed. Myrtle Spurge is required to be eradicated from all properties, both public and private.

Purple Loosestrife


This plant, which was also sold in nurseries as a decorative shrub, is now listed by the state of Colorado as a noxious weed. It is commonly seen in wetlands, where it chokes out native vegetation and clogs waterways.

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