Leash Law

A man walking a dog in kendrick-park

Municipal law requires all domestic animals, except cats, be effectively controlled.  Dogs must be leashed with a leash, chain or cord of reasonable length, and the leash must be held by a responsible person.  A dog holding its own leash, or a leash attached to the dog dragging on the ground, is a violation of the leash law.  The leash law is enforced in common areas of multi-family dwellings such as apartments and condominiums (including hallways, stairwells and common outdoor areas).  Pets cannot be tethered somewhere that allows them access to common areas.

Other animals, such as livestock, goats, chickens and exotic pets, must be confined in an appropriate enclosure or otherwise controlled by a responsible party.

Loose animals can be hazardous.  They are also more likely to be injured or killed by other animals, vehicles or other dangers they might encounter when loose. All parks in the city are leash restricted, with the exception of the designated dog park area at Forsberg Iron Spring Park, located at 14800 W. Alameda Parkway. Owners are required to pick up feces after their dogs in all Lakewood parks. 

Cats are free-roaming and do not require a leash when outdoors.  Roaming cats can be a nuisance to neighbors.  Residents can legally trap cats with live, humane traps on their own property and take them to the Foothills Animal Shelter.  The cat owner is then responsible to retrieve the animal at the shelter after fees are paid.

Cats are required to be vaccinated against rabies and should wear a rabies identification tag at all times.  Animal Control will impound stray cats that have bitten a person or are sick or injured.  The impound costs and medical fees are the owner's responsibility.

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