Cruelty, Neglect and Abandonment

A dog that has been left in the car.

Animal Control officers respond to and investigate cruelty, neglect and abandonment of animals.  Animal ownership is a big responsibility and includes expenses that must be considered before the purchase or adoption of an animal, which is completely dependent upon its owner.  Beyond the basic food, water and shelter required, considerations include veterinary care, regular health care appointments and vaccinations.  Owners should plan for unexpected events such as injury or illness.  Animal owners are responsible for all costs and care of their pets.

If you are witness to neglect or abuse of an animal please call 303-980-7300 immediately so an officer can be dispatched to the scene to address the concern.  

Summer Weather

Heat can cause illness and even death in extreme circumstances. Dogs left outdoors must have adequate shade, shelter from the -elements and clean, fresh water available at all times.  Leaving your pet in a vehicle can be very dangerous.  Call Animal Control immediately to report a pet locked in a hot car.

Winter Weather

Winter's cold can also cause problems. Clear snow and ice to ensure the animal has a place to stand, keeping their paws from freezing. Adequate insulated shelter must be available, and animals should be brought indoors in extremely cold temperatures. Adequate shelter is imperative for outdoor pets. The shelter should have a floor off the ground, be large enough for the pet to stand and turn around in, yet small enough so the animal can use its body heat to warm the inside. Shelter doors should be covered. Select bedding material that is clean, dry and provides insulation. Your pet needs fresh, clean water even if there is snow on the ground.

If you have concerns about the care of an animal in your Lakewood neighborhood, you can report the issue to Animal Control at 303-987-7173.