Barking Dogs

A dog sitting on leash.

Animal noise, especially barking dogs, is a common problem in neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the subjective nature of this type of disturbance can lead to hard feelings between neighbors. Lakewood Animal Control's goal is to help resolve the problem by encouraging neighbors to work together to find a reasonable solution.

Your Dog is the Problem Barker

If you are approached by either a neighbor or an Animal Control officer about an animal noise issue with your pet, it is important to correct the problem quickly to avoid a summons.  Dogs bark for many reasons, including boredom, neglect, loneliness or protection of its territory. Please review the following suggestions to deter barking:

  • Bring your dog inside the house when you leave. Many dogs bark when you are not at home.
  • Put the dog in a confined area, such as a temperature controlled garage or kennel area.  Always make sure the dog has water and shelter from the weather.
  • Anti-bark collars are another option when used responsibly. Consult a dog trainer to learn about proper use.
  • Training is the key to a happy, well adjusted dog. 

Your Neighbor's Dog

Animal Control suggests speaking with the animal's owner about the ongoing disturbance. Contact Animal Control if a neighborly conversation is not possible or if you have spoken to them and the problem persists.

Animal control does not take anonymous complaints.  To file a complaint, Animal Control will need your full name, address and phone contact information, a detailed description of the animal, exact address, dates, times and duration of the violation. You must be able to identify the animal causing the disturbance.

Contact Information:

Animal Control
Report complaints, get answers to questions (Barking dog complaints can not be anonymous).