Zoning Review Forms

Accessory Dwelling Unit(PDF, 603KB)Used for supplemental standards for adding a "Mother-in-Law" type unit to a property

Comprehensive Sign Plan(PDF, 1001KB) - Used for large developments with a creative sign program

 Group Home(PDF, 1MB) - A supplemental form used in the review of group homes

 Large Accessory Structure(PDF, 2MB) - Used for adding  a large accessory structure

 Non-Conforming Use(PDF, 641KB) - Used to document existing land uses not allowed in zone district

 Short-Term Temporary Use(PDF, 659KB)- Used for short-term special events

 Wireless Facility(PDF, 1MB) - Used for supplemental review of wireless antenna replacement, addition to existing structure, or stealth facilities

Small Animal Permit - Used to obtain a permit for chickens(hens), ducks, dwarf goats, and apiaries (bees)