About Us

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About Us 
Formed as a division within the Planning Department in 2012, the Sustainability Division works collaboratively with every city department and the Lakewood community to create a vibrant, sustainable Lakewood.

Our division is committed to creating a culture where community leaders, businesses, and residents recognize our environmental, social, and economic systems are interdependent, working together to ensure that Lakewood remains a healthy, thriving place for generations to come.

Sustainability Division History

In Lakewood, the term “sustainability” made its first appearance in the 2003 Comprehensive Plan, which included a chapter on Community Sustainability. Since then, support for sustainability has grown throughout the Lakewood community and City organization.

  • 2003 - City of Lakewood Comprehensive Plan included a chapter on Community Sustainability.
  • 2007 - Employees from each City department formed the Employees Committee for a Sustainable Lakewood (ECSL) to provide education and outreach and launch employee-led sustainability events and initiatives.
  • 2008 - The ECSL hosted the first annual Sustainability Awards ceremony to recognize community, youth, and employee initiatives.
  • 2009 - City Council approved funding for the ECSL.
    Lakewood hosts their first community-wide Earth Day Festival.
  • 2010 - The Sustainability Coordinator position was funded through federal grants and placed in the City Manager’s office.
  • 2012 - The Sustainability Division was formed and relocated to the Planning Department.
    The Sustainable Neighborhoods program was launched with Eiber and Belmar.
    Lakewood hosts their first Earth Day Festival at Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park.
  • 2013 - The Community Sustainability Framework was endorsed by City Council.
    The Sustainability Plan process began, gathering community input through open houses, work groups, and the City website.
    Southern Gables, South of 6th, and Lake Lochwood Village join the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program.
  • 2015 - The Sustainability Plan was completed and adopted by the City.
  • 2017 – Applewood, Green Mountain, and Morse Park join the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program.
  • 2018 – Sustainable Development Standards were first included in the building code.
  • 2019 - Sustainable Development Standards were included in the Zoning Ordinance.
  • 2020 – O’Kane Park and Weir Gulch Gardens join the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program.
  • 2022 – An updated Enhanced Development Menu, a new Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Program, and additional construction and demolition waste recycling requirements are added to the Zoning Ordinance. 
    The Sustainability Awards are retired. To learn more about past winners and their initiatives, click here, or download the Lakewood 10 Years of Sustainability Awards commemorative book (2008 to 2018).

Awards and Recognition

The Lakewood Sustainability Division is a leader in urban sustainability planning and has received numerous accolades since its inception, recognizing the important work being done to make the city and its communities healthier, greener, and more vibrant.