Plans and Reports


Plans guide all that we do to achieve Lakewood’s sustainability goals, while reports and assessments allow us to track our progress towards these goals. Check out our plans and reports below for more details.


Lakewood Sustainability Plan

The Lakewood Sustainability Plan guides our efforts to create a thriving community today without compromising the quality of life for future generations. Lakewood City Council formally approved the Sustainability Plan on May 11, 2015, after more than two years of collaborative planning between city staff, residents, community stakeholders, and industry experts.  

We encourage you to explore the Sustainability Plan to learn more about each chapter topic and the community's sustainability goals and targets. 

Sustainability Plan

Annual Reportspark at sunrise with purple flowers and trees

Each year, the city reports on its progress towards the Sustainability Plan’s goals and measurable targets. Click the Annual Report links below to view our progress as of that year.   

Kids' Sustainability PlanGroup of kids standing outside

In 2018, Dunstan Middle School dedicated an entire semester-long elective class to the study of Lakewood’s Sustainability Plan, with the goal of creating a kid-friendly adaptation of the plan. Taught by science teacher Audrey Hoffa, with support from guest speakers and several field trips, 32 students worked through each chapter of the Sustainability Plan and wrote a kids’ version with the students’ own examples, artwork, photography, and ideas.   

Lakewood Sustainability Plan for Kids

Greenhouse Gas Inventoriesexterior shot of a building with shadows in the distance

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories provide Lakewood leaders, community members, and city staff with information necessary to understand the existing state of Lakewood’s carbon emissions and inform decisions on where to focus climate mitigation efforts. Lakewood’s GHG inventories provide a picture of carbon emissions created by Lakewood residents, businesses, institutions, and industries. By comparing inventories over time, Lakewood can track the success of existing and future climate change-related policies and programs. Click the links below to view the GHG inventory for that year.   

Envision Lakewood 2040: Comprehensive Plan Updatedecorative logo

Lakewood is embarking on an exciting process to update the city’s Comprehensive Plan, which is an important document and tool to guide long-range growth and development in the city. The plan is used by staff, City Council, Planning Commission, and other boards and commissions to inform decision-making on land use, transportation, sustainability, housing, infrastructure development, and more. Sign up to receive updates. 

Comprehensive Plan Update