Neighborhood Participation Program

Lakewood children presenting to their peers.

The application for the 2023 program year will be available starting in December 2022.

The city of Lakewood offers grants of up to $60,000 to qualifying projects through its Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP). Neighborhood organizations are encouraged to apply for funds to build projects they believe would make a difference in improving their neighborhood. Examples of projects built through the Neighborhood Participation Program include:

  • Community Gardens 
  • New playground equipment and picnic facilities in neighborhood parks
  • Sidewalk ramps for people with disabilities
  • Public art

For a project to be eligible, it must have a general benefit to the neighborhood, be located on public property and come from groups representing the neighborhood. You can form your own neighborhood group specifically to request a project. The application must include demonstrated support for the project through letters, petitions or other means, and signatures of property owners adjacent to the project. Projects located on public school property must also include letters of support from the school principal and the school district.

NPP funds will not be used to fund projects covered under other city programs. These projects include sidewalk repair, traffic signals, street lights, street paving or speed humps. 

Projects are evaluated based on the proposal's benefit to the neighborhood, health and safety, compliance with the Lakewood Comprehensive Plan and Community Resources Master Plan, neighborhood support and maintenance requirements. City Council makes the final selection of projects to be funded. After projects are selected, city staff works closely with the neighborhood to ensure the project meets the neighborhood's request.  

Contact Information:
Christy Ivanov,