Local Landmark Applications

Lakewood’s Historic Preservation Program helps preserve local history through landmarks, historic districts or other avenues that enrich the community’s culture. To be eligible for designation, a district or structure must maintain its integrity and meet the criteria of Lakewood’s Historic Preservation Ordinance.(PDF, 539KB)  

Properties in Lakewood can only be designated as a local landmark with owner consent. Additionally, multiple property owners could apply to designate their neighborhood as a historic district. Once designated, a property owner must apply for an alteration certificate from the Historic Preservation Commission prior to any alteration, rehabilitation, restoration, demolition or construction of the designated structure. 


Local Landmark Designation

Local Landmark Designation Application(PDF, 154KB)

Why designated your property?

Local designation promotes civic pride, pride in one’s property and community sustainability. There are benefits to designating property. A local landmark may be eligible for federal or state income tax credits to assist with rehabilitation expenditures. Tax credits are administered through the State of Colorado. Please visit www.historycolorado.org/preservation-tax-credits for more information. 

 What can be designated?

  1. Building or structure
  2. District
  3. Site


  1. Associated with an event
  2. Associated with lives of persons
  3. Architectural or engineering significance
  4. Information important to history or prehistory
  5. Culturally Significant to Lakewood


  1. Fill out the Application (PDF) and submit to the Planning Director
    1. Building, Structure, or Site: Can be submitted by City Council, Preservation Commission, Non-profit, Planning Director, Property Owner
    2. Note: Must have property owner(s) consent
    3. District: 60% of property owners
  2. City Staff will present at a Public Hearing to Preservation Commission
  3. City Staff will present at a Public Hearing to City Council
  4. If approved, the Ordinance will be recorded with Clerk & Recorder

Property Owner Responsibilities

  • Minimum maintenance is required
  • Alteration Certificate is required for any modifications to the home
  • Demolition is not permitted unless economic hardship
  • Relocation Application is required

Please review Article 11, Section 17.11.3 and 17.11.4 of the Lakewood Zoning Ordinance for more information on Landmark Designations 

Alteration Certificate

Alteration Certificate Application(PDF, 387KB)

An alteration certificate is required prior to any demolition, alteration to the exterior of the structure, construction of an addition, or construction of a new structure on a designated site. An Alteration Certificate ensures that the landmark maintains its historic significance and that any proposed changes are compatible with the existing architecture and character.

An Alteration Certificate is NOT required for normal or ordinary maintenance or repair of the exterior structure or for any construction or change to the interior of the structure.


The application must demonstrate that it:

  1. Does not adversely affect or destroy any architectural feature of the structure
  2. Conforms with design guidelines adopted by the Preservation Commission
  3. Any distinctive feature, finish, construction technique or examples of craftsmanship that characterize the property are maintained
  4. Any new addition, exterior alteration or related new construction does not destroy historic materials that characterize the property
  5. Any addition and any related construction that is removed in the future will not alter the essential form and integrity of the historic property and its environment
  6. Any new work is differentiated from the old and is compatible with the massing, size, scale, and architectural features to protect the historic integrity of the property and its environment
  7. The historic character of the property is retained and preserved and the removal of historic materials or features that characterize the property is avoided
  8. There is not substantial economic hardship 


  1. Complete the Application (PDF) for Permit and submit to the Planning Director
  2. The Planning Director will review and refer to Preservation Commission
  3. City Staff will present to the Preservation Commission for approval or denial of Alteration Certificate
  4. Appeal can be made to City Council of Denial of Alteration Certificate

Please review Article 11, Section 17.11.5 of the Lakewood Zoning Ordinance for more information on Alteration Certificates.  

Relocation of a Designated Structure or Landmark

Relocation Certificate Application(PDF, 347KB)

The property owner can request to relocate a designated structure of landmark.


The Preservation Commission will apply the following criteria when considering applications for relocating a designated structure or landmark:

  1. If the structure cannot be rehabilitated or reused on its original site to provide for any reasonable beneficial use of the property; and
  2. The contribution the structure makes to its present setting; and
  3. Whether plans are specifically defined for the site to be vacated, and have been approved by city staff; and
  4. If the structure can be moved without significant damage to its physical integrity and the applicant can show the relocation activity is the best preservation method for the character and integrity of the structure; and
  5. Whether the structure has been demonstrated to be capable of withstanding the physical impacts of the relocation and re-siting; and
  6. Whether a structural report submitted by a licensed structural engineer experienced in preservation of structures adequately demonstrates the soundness of the structure proposed for relocation.


  1. Complete the application and submit to the Planning Director.
  2. Planning Director forwards the complete application to the Preservation Commission
  3. City Staff will present to the Preservation Commission for approval or denial of Relocation Certificate. The decision of the Preservation Commission is final.

Please review Article 11, Section 17.11.6 of the Lakewood Zoning Ordinance for more information on Relocating a designated structure or landmark