Designated Landmarks and Districts

As of 2020, the City of Lakewood has four local landmarks and 12 properties listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places.
Local Landmarks are protected through the City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance(PDF, 539KB) . State and National Landmarks are overseen by the State Historic Preservation Office. For more information on the different designations and process for each, please reference the Historic Landmark Designation Information form.(PDF, 75KB)

Local Landmarks                                                                                                     Map of Historic Landmarks in Lakewood.

1. Laase House
2. Former Hospice of Saint Johns
3. O’Kane Historic Farm
4. White Way Grill at Belmar Park
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State Register

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5. Howell House
6. Country Club Garden Apartments
7. Washington Heights School
8. Caretaker’s House (Bonfils-Stanton Belmar Estate Outbuildings)

National Register

9. Davies Chuck Wagon Diner
10. Jewish Consumption Relief Society Historic District (Now known as RMCAD)
11. Office of Civil Defense Emergency Operations Center
12. Building 710, Defense Civil Preparedness Agency Region 6 Operation Center
13. Denver & Intermountain Interurban Car No. 25
14. Streer-Peterson (Ticen/Tyson) House
15. Stone House
16. Schnell Farm