Municipal Court Veterans Program

Handshake in front of a Flag

In recognition that returning veterans face unique problems related to their service and have earned special benefits that may help address them, the Lakewood Municipal Court Veterans Process (LMCVP) was established for veterans charged with criminal violations in Lakewood Municipal Court.

While not a traditional “veterans court,” our procedures are similar to those used in problem solving courts. We focus court efforts on stabilizing returning veterans, reintegrating them, encouraging sobriety and mental health, reducing recidivism, improving compliance with court orders, and leveraging the resources of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The Lakewood Municipal Court Veterans Process helps promote public safety by holding justice involved veterans accountable for their behavior while referring to and monitoring treatment, interventions and support through a team-based approach and increased probation and judicial monitoring.

Contact Information:

Probation Officer Danielle Weichert 
Direct: 303-987-7413