Lakewood Early Action Program

The Lakewood Early Action program (LEAP) is a partnership with Jefferson County Schools, Jefferson Center (JC), Lakewood Police Department and Lakewood Municipal Court.  LEAP is a specialized program that has a dedicated probation officer and Judge that meets with each youth and family once a month.  A representative from each partner participates in staffing each case to ensure all information is shared with everyone involved with the youth and to get a well-rounded approach on how to handle each case. The LEAP caseload is limited to ten juveniles.  Youth on the LEAP docket are required to meet with their probation officer once a month in addition a to a monthly court review.

This partnership exists to prevent future penetration in the justice system by accessing appropriate behavioral health supports for the juveniles and families.  Our program works to develop client and family competency to decrease criminal and at risk behavior displayed by the juvenile with the intention to increase public safety.  Once competency is achieved we work to attain sustainability with the family and juvenile to access resources once their court case is terminated.   

While all participants in LEAP have mental health diagnoses, the court partnership is not a traditional mental health court in that both resources and court sanctions are necessarily limited.

Contact Information:
Probation Officer Fred Peters
Direct: 303-987-7042