Other Lakewood Taxes

 Accommodations Tax

A three percent (3%) City of Lakewood accommodations tax applies to charges for sleeping rooms or accommodations in the City, if the occupancy is for a period of less than 30 consecutive days. The accommodations tax is charged in addition to the City sales tax rate. 

Combined tax rate on accommodations

State of Colorado Sales Tax   4.5%
City of Lakewood Sales Tax   3.0%
City of Lakewood Accommodations Tax    3.0%

Total Combined Rate


Government entities and organizations holding a valid Lakewood Certificate of Exemption may purchase accommodations free of Lakewood sales and accommodations tax. 

Business & Occupation Tax 

The Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax is imposed directly on any business providing basic local exchange service within the City. The monthly rate for 2021 is $4.26 per line of service. 

The City of Lakewood is aware that multiple telecommunications providers pass the liability of the B&O Tax down to their customer base.  As such, all billing related questions should be directed to the respective carrier.

 * “Basic local exchange service” and “Line,” as defined in Lakewood Municipal Code 5.32.  

Motor Vehicle Tax

The City of Lakewood motor vehicle use tax is three percent (3%) and is due at the time the vehicle is registered and titled. Motor vehicles are required to be registered at the owner's principal, or primary, residence. 

Jefferson County Motor Vehicle: (303) 271-8100
State of Colorado Motor Vehicle: (303) 205-5607


Property Tax

Property Tax for City of Lakewood residents is collected and enforced by Jefferson County. 

General information concerning property tax is available through the Jefferson County Assessor's Office

Information on property records is available through the Jefferson County Assessor's Office Property Records Search.