Let's Doo It

Let's Doo It dog and words logo.

Pick it up, pack it out and can it!

Love your dogs and your parks - pick up after them. Every time, no matter what.

Jeffco Open Space, The City of Lakewood, Foothills Park & Recreation District and Evergreen Park & Recreation District have partnered on Let’s Doo It!, a campaign to unspoil the views, protect the environment and increase public safety.

The Smelly Facts

Did you know that...

  • Dog waste doesn't break down like wild animal waste.
  • Dog poop is a contributor stormwater pollution and it contains bacteria, nitrogen and phosphorus that negatively impacts surface waters.
  • There are approximately 60 dog waste dispensers at Jefferson County Open Space properties.

Let's Doo It! with Maddie the Dog


About Let's Doo It 

Let’s Doo It! is all about outreach and education around the importance of picking up after your pet, utilizing signage, outreach and other smelly facts to promote the proper disposal of dog waste in our parks and on our trails. Area residents will see the Let’s Doo It! rallying cry on signage and dog waste dispensers encouraging park users to pick it up, pack it out, and most importantly, ensure it ends up in a trash can.

The Let’s Doo It! council welcomes public and private pawtners from all over Colorado to grow an army of advocates committed to sparkling clean, poo-free parks, because pet owners should pick up after their dogs—every time, no matter what.