Pesticide Application Calendar

A City of Lakewood pesticide notification flag rests on grass.

This calendar is for informational purposes only and is an estimate of when application operations will occur. Two months of planning will continuously be displayed throughout the year with the earlier month dropping off after it passes. Schedules can be altered by weather, equipment problems, and staff availability.  

Park visitors should always look for warning flags (pictured) that are posted immediately after an operation and are left in place for 72 hours.


 Broadleaf Weed Control 
 Noxious Weed Control 
 Aquatic Weed Control 
 Urban Forest Pest Control 
 Fertilizer Applications 

March 2024
April 2024
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About City Pesticide Use

Lakewood Parks is very cautious with the use of pesticides in order to protect our environment and park users. Our staff have extensive training and certifications and wear protective clothing.

Lakewood pesticide facts:

  • Staff only spot spray as needed.
  • Staff use horticultural vinegar as a burn down product for weeds whenever possible. Pesticides are categorized by toxicity rating from “caution” to “warning” and finally “danger.” Lakewood Parks uses products that are labeled with the lowed toxicity rating of “caution.”
  • Lakewood Parks does not treat outside of the parks system and will not treat private property.

For more information, contact the Parks Division at 720-963-5240.