Community Gardens

Flourishing flowers and veggies fill out the Ute Park Community Garden.

There are currently several community gardens in Lakewood which are managed through a partnership with Denver Urban Gardens (DUG), an organization that helps and enables local residents to join together and garden in a communal setting.

Three gardens are located on Lakewood park property; Ute Trail Community Garden, Gray Street Community Garden and Jefferson Green Park Community Garden. Many more are located on school and assisted living properties.

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Join a community garden

If you are interested in joining a community garden in Lakewood, please contact DUG at 303-292-9900 or Staff will connect you to the garden leader or add you to the wait list.

For the most up-to-date list of community gardens, visit DUG's community garden map

Develop a garden

Interested in developing a community garden? Lakewood staff are here to help. They can assist in identifying appropriate garden locations, provide contact information for Denver Urban Gardens and other supporting entities, and offer best practice advice on developing a successful community garden.

For more information, please contact Lakewood Community Resources staff member Amber Thill at 303-987-7872 or